Skeletons and "Boo Hands"

Every one in awhile, I get the itch to get crafty with my toddler. Not very often, because lets face it, toddlers + craft supplies don't always mix. But, sometimes we get ballsy around here and whip out the hot glue gun.

Gracyn and I scoured Pinterest for the latest and greatest Halloween crafts to make that were age appropriate and not too involved in the supply department. It was nap time for the baby and we had to go off of things we already had in the house.

There were hundreds of options so we pinned a few faves and tried our hand at making this q-tip skeleton. We also made "boo hands" as Gracyn liked to call them. Both super easy and relatively uninvolved. My kind of craft.

The supply list is short - construction paper, black marker, q-tips and glue. I didn't have any Elmer's glue in the house and all my glue sticks were dried up so I used my trusty glue gun. I only burned 9 of my 10 fingertips in the process.

We also glued the guy's head too far down on the page and ended up running out of room for the lower half of his body, so he's a little squished. But that's ok. Gracyn helped me place everything on the paper before I glued it down. Once it was finished, she wanted to paint him so we busted out some orange acrylic paint I had stashed in the closet.

It kept her entertained for a full 20 minutes, which is a success in my book. 

We made the "boo hands" (aka ghosts) by tracing her hands and coloring the page. And by this point, she was kind of over craft time so I handled the coloring. I enjoyed it, which reminds me, I need to look into this adult coloring hullabaloo.

Her artwork is displayed in the bathroom, which is a totally normal place to display children's artwork, right? Gives her a little something extra special to stare at while we continue our potty-training journey... 

We might try a few other crafts this week to celebrate Halloween. Other favorites include this pipe cleaner hand puppet and footprint ghosts (to go with our "boo hands" obvi...). We still have to carve our pumpkins, too, as we gear up for trick-or-treaters!

Happy Halloween Week!


  1. We carved pumpkins yesterday too!! Harp wanted nothing to do with the mess but did like the final result. :) I probably could put it on as a Pinterest fail but A for effort, right?! :)

  2. Yay Gracyn! Awesome results and hats off to you Mackenzie for doing crafts with her! Foot ghosts would be fun - Leighton could get in on that too! ;) Happy carving + Halloween!

  3. I was so close to buying myself an adult coloring book this weekend. And then I realized I have no time to I passed. LOL Love your crafts!