oh hey, friday!

Better late than never. Linking up and all that jazz on a Friday night to share five random things from this week. I feel like we've been super busy the last few days, I haven't been feeling that well and the babe is still waking up at all hours of the night. We are definitely ready for the weekend.


I may have purchased the entire Old Navy store for Gracyn's fall wardrobe. That, and Target. Because, obvi. She is wearing 4T (!!!) clothing now and that seems SO big to me but girlfriend is tall. And technically, she's probably in between sizes. We had a few cooler days recently and we quickly figured out her leggings and jeans from last year (mostly 3T) were a little short in length. The 4T stuff is a little long and definitely a little big in the waist but we'll manage.

1. Top // 2. Pants // 3. Shirt (similar) // 4. Jeans // 5. Flats ('dem shoes though! all the heart eyes...) // 6. Long-sleeve Ts // 7. Boots wit da fur // 8. Hair clips // 9. Vest // 10. Chambray shirt // 11. Hat & Mittens // 12. Parka


Not to be left out, Leighton got some new duds, too. Out of necessity, by the way. We have a ton of fall and winter clothing from when Gracyn was younger but NONE OF IT FITS! The littlest girlfriend has some major thighs going on and you would laugh if you saw her wedged into size 12 Month leggings. Not happening. So, we stalked up on some warmer 18-month clothing for my {big} baby girl.

1. Sparkle Top // 2. Jeans // 3. Deer onesie // 4. Leggings // 5. Vest // 6. Top // 7. Bunny onesie // 8. Flats // 9. Headbands // 10. Chambray top // 11. Hat & Mittens // 12. Jacket

And yes, matching chambray tops for the win.


I am close to having the damn half bathroom finished and I'm SO ready for it to be done. I was having a hard time finding artwork or something to hang on the blank wall. I finally found a narrow shelf at a local antique store and decided to try my hand at painting something on a blank piece of canvas I had laying around.

I decided on a trio of feathers but had no idea how to actually paint feathers. They were for sure going to turn out like brown blobs of paint. I googled "feathers" trying to find a step-by-step tutorial on how to do it and everything. In the end, I just decided to go for it and drew a rough outline on the canvas with pencil and went over with my random assortment of acrylic paint.

Now, I am no artist but I think they turned out pretty good! Gracyn called them leaves, but I still consider it a win. Definitely turned out better than I was expecting. I'll hopefully have the bathroom reveal up on the blog shortly!


I have plans this weekend to hit up a pumpkin patch, wear leggings and boots, drink coffee and burn candles. Could I BE any more basic? I think not.


These girls. That is all.

Have a great weekend!

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