Jamaican Me Crazy :: Dirty Thirty

I spent my 30th birthday on the beach drinking cocktails, reading books, and taking naps. It was as amazing as it sounds. We took the kayak for a jaunt around the bay. They let you go wayyyyy out until the water turns "dark blue" which is where, I'm assuming, the sharks live.

We didn't go out that far. Not that Justin didn't try. He was a llll about sailing (kayaking?) the ocean blue. Me? Not so much. I like to stay where you can still see the bottom in case any large creatures try to swim underneath, at which point I would attack them with my paddle while panicking.

We also tried paddle boarding for the first time. Justin fell off his board into the open sea numerous times. I tried standing up one time, fell off, and called it a day. Back to my beach {and cocktails} I went.

Not a bad way to spend your birthday.

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  1. Sounds perfect! You probably would have gotten your footing on the paddle board with a few more attempts, after all, you balance quite well hauling baby plus gear to the van while tracking a 2yr old on the loose and dodging anything in your path... truth. But I totally understand the creature feature - delightful to see but not too close. :)