Weekend in Pictures

This weekend was one for the books. The weather was gorgeous (like, absolutely perfect) and we didn't do a damn thing. It was wonderful. Friday night consisted of playing with a cute little girl, ordering take-out and lounging around the hizzouse. My kind of party...
On Saturday, after a solo trip to Target - totally my guilty pleasure btw - Gracyn and I took a nice long stroll around the 'hood', chatted up some neighbors and had a snack on the back deck.
She totally ate that leaf after I snapped this pic. Oops. Rufus got in on the action too...
On Saturday night, J cooked up some steaks and we had a nice date night after the babe went to bed. We rented a movie and I wish I could tell you that it was good (we rented the new{est} Start Trek flick) but I fell asleep promptly at 10pm and didn't really watch it. Party on, Wayne...

This morning I took G's 8 month pictures (what the hell, she's already 8 months old?!?) which I'll post tomorrow on her 8 month birfday but here's a sneak peak:
I spent some time cleaning the casa (we have some VIPs coming this week and I am SO SO SO excited to see them), doing laundry, playing with the bebe - who took an awesome morning nap but didn't take her afternoon nap until 5pm so I'm a little terrified of how this evening is going to go. It'll probably be horrible and I'll probably blog about it so stay tuned.

On the menu tonight is homemade pizza and the series finale of Dexter. Oh, and G cut another tooth! Felt it this morning - first front one on top came through and the other one shouldn't be far behind. 

Solid weekend if you ask me.

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