Gracyn :: 8 Months Old

Miss Gracyn is 8 months old today. She's like a little person instead of my sweet little baby we brought home in January. I feel like I've seen so many changes in her developmentally and personality-wise this month, more so than any other month. It blows my mind that so many things can change within a short few weeks. Seriously. Mind blown.

She loves loves loves to play and is constantly moving around and getting into shit. The only baby proofing we've done is put those cover thingys in all of the outlets within her reach - we should probably get around to making the rest of the house safe for a mobile infant...

The second she's on the ground she makes a beeline  to the coffee table to attack the basket that contains diapers, wipes, diaper cream and hand sanitizer. We should probably move it 'cuz I'm already tired of restocking that thing every 5 minutes and she's knocked her head a few times too. 

Other big changes?

- She is so "talkative". Always making sounds in that beautiful baby voice of hers. I swear she's said "hi" a few times and Justin swears she can say "da-da." And I'm pretty sure she said "I poop" the other day. Just sayin'.

- Finger foods. We might as well forego the purées and let this girl go to town on big girl food cut up in little girl-sized pieces. As soon as a spoon comes within arms reach she grabs hold and wants to feed herself.

- She's mobile. Crawling, climbing, pulling up, walking around furniture.

- Her personality is really starting to come through. She's genuinely in a good mood except when she's tired. The girl needs her sleep that's for sure. She lights up when we walk into the room (best. feeling. ever) and she's wary of strangers or people she doesn't see too often but she'll warm up eventually.

The only thing we can't quite figure out is bedtime - getting her to sleep and staying asleep.  We have a routine and do the same thing every night - dinner, playtime, bath time, bottle, bed. She's a champion at fighting sleep and never wants to give in. We never know how bedtime is going to go. Some nights she'll lay right down and fall asleep; other nights (like tonight) it takes an hour or more to get her down. Sometimes she falls asleep and wakes up 45 minutes later and then it takes an hour to get her back to bed. I absolutely HATE letting her cry so I'm usually in there rocking her back to sleep or trying to calm her down, creating bad habits along the way. I'm sure it's tied to teething and all that jazz but that's probably the one thing we struggle with the most. Suggestions on how to cure the restless monster are welcome.

Speaking of teething - TWO new pearly whites busted their way through on top. We felt one Sunday morning, and the other one today. Four whole teeth in that head of hers. Such a big girl.

Gracyn Girl, it has been a beautiful 8 months. Your daddy and I are so lucky we get to be your parents. Know that you are loved beyond measure and you are absolutely the light of our lives.

What's that I hear? Oh, you're crying again up in your crib and not sleeping so I guess I'll be up in a second.

Mama loves you, baby girl.

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  1. Oh my goodness She is soo cute. Please come to Oklahoma soon I miss all three of you soo much
    love Darrien