Holy Milestones, Batman!

We are meeting developmental milestones around here like it's no body's biznass. I try not to read too many books and freak myself out if Gracyn doesn't do something right on schedule 'cuz I know every baby is different yada yada yada.

Don't get me wrong, it's nice to have the Holy Bible of Parenting handy - What to Expect the First Year - and don't think I didn't reference that bad boy when G was is sick (were still fighting that damn cold) or when I needed to know if babies could eat olives (they can, in moderation of course) but I think there is something to be said for having too much information when it comes to our little monsters. If I read everything and compared my baby to all of the other babies I would just drive myself bonkers so most of the time were flying by the seat of our pants around here.

Any who...back to G and all of her new found awesomeness. Within the last couple of days G has managed to feed herself an ungodly number of puffs (I think she's addicted and can't get them into her mouth fast enough), pull herself up and she started to crawl. Super Baby? I think so.

She's been climbing all over the place and if she has enough to hold onto will pull herself right on up to standing position. She would rather be standing instead of sitting and is always grabbing or reaching for something. Gone are the days where we can sit at the kitchen table with her in our lap. She can grab the place mat out from under a bowl of cereal in a matter of seconds sending milk and honey nut cheerios flying everywhere, ruining my breakfast but ending up pretty pleased with herself.

7 months going on 2 years.
Standing. NBD.
Seriously, three days ago she could not crawl. She'd get on her hands and knees like she was getting ready to go places but then just sit there and not know what to do. She'd whine until Justin or I would put her back into sitting position. Now-a-days she'll be sitting up in her crib when I go get her in the mornings. On Sunday I went to get her up from a nap and she was in the middle of her crib with 2 pacifiers and 2 lovies (I have no clue as to what those things are actually called - little stuffed animal/blanket thingys that she cuddles when she sleeps) in a pile in front of her and she was just sitting there playing like the big girl that she is.

She can go from laying down to sitting up to crawling and back again. We have not baby-proofed one thing and she has a nice red mark on her forehead to show for it. She face-planted after climbing over her toys yesterday afternoon. She took it like a champ and after we dried her tears she went back to playing.
I'm gonna getcha.
I got a video of her this afternoon. She looks like a little drunk human crawling down the street - she goes a little sideways but she's getting the hang of it... Oh, and nevermind my voice. I hate the way I sound on video. I always think my voicemail recording on my cell phone or work phone sounds so weird and I end up re-recording everything 130294124 times.

And then she did this...

And then it was time for bath and bedtime...

Love me some jammies.
Oh, and by the way, those are 12 MONTH pajamas. WTF happened to my little baby!?

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