oh hey, friday | so random

I shouldn't have written this post because it basically contains a whole lot of nothing but I did. I wrote it. Happy Friday!


We have an official close date and appointment for the house. Yay! We're getting so close and I'm so excited. Hardwood floors went in this week as did some landscaping out front. The air conditioner in our townhouse is leaking water and making the carpet wet at all times so I'll be ready to say goodbye to this place for sure.


Can we take a minute and talk about how much nutella I've been eating? It's so delicious and I find myself hiding in the kitchen quietly eating it by the spoonful hoping that my kids don't see me. How sad is that?!

There was a crepe stand at our hotels in both Jamaica and Mexico and I had the most wonderful crepe with nutella, strawberries and bananas but I never thought to buy it at home. Big mistake. Huge. Anyway, I finally bought a jar of the hazelnut goodness a week or so ago and it's basically licked clean. Nutella on ALL THE THINGS.


Whenever my husband and his best friend text each other, they mainly communicate by using GIFs and memes from the GIF Keyboard app. It is so dumb and so funny. I got sucked into a group text with them and instead of forming actual plans for that day, we just sent memes back and forth.

You can search a word or phrase and a GIF or meme will come up that matches your search.

So, in case you don't have anything (and I mean anything) better to do, you can find Beyonce doing this...

...or send your favorite FRIENDS snippets to your friends...

You're welcome...

*if you're reading on Bloglovin' or some other reader, click "view original post" at the bottom to see these GIFs in action...


I'm not sure why but I've gotten a ton of spammy comments on my Instagram pictures this last week. They're all from random accounts promising to help me gain 1000 new followers a day or something ridiculous like that. It's so annoying having to go in and report them and I'm all like...


Instead of yet another GIF (so addicting...) I'll leave you with a picture of Gracyn with her goggles. Girlfriend is pumped to use these in pool this weekend and she is determined to go under water. I couldn't talk her out of them so we'll see how it goes!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Nutella is SO good. I'm so excited about your new house!

  2. Confession: your Mama did the same thing with Nutella ... reason why you don't remember having it at home, I quit buying it when I couldn't control myself! ;) Love the goggle pic and CAN NOT wait to see your new home! So exciting!

  3. How exciting on the house :) Love it

  4. I am so excited that I found your blog post. I am literally dying laughing at all of your GIF's hahaha! The house is gorgeous! I have also received a bunch of SPAM on Instagram. It's so annoying! I came over from the Five on Friday link up over at A liz adventures.

  5. Why don't I have gif keyboard!!! Downloading that asap!!!

    Abigail is obsessed with her goggles. I bet she'll love them!