Random Friday Things

So glad the weekend is here again. Even after a short week, I'm drained and ready for a few days to relax. The weather looks promising so cheers to that!


I'm having so much fun with Megan's #30daysofsummerphotochallenge! It's only day 3 and I love picking up my camera throughout the day and reminding myself to try and capture some great moments. 

Day One was all about sharing our "good morning" moments and lately, we've had a mama duck and her ducklings visiting us here at the old townhouse. There is a pond right around the corner from our patio and we think their nest is in a little bush near our back door. The girls are obsessed with looking for them first thing when they wake up. Mama had 8 ducklings with her at first but we saw one that didn't make it near the water the other day :( The other seven follow her around and it's the sweetest thing...


We needed some fresh air so last night we took the girls to a children's concert at Deanna Rose. Gracyn hadn't napped and was pretty grumpy the whole time but she did let loose for a song or two. She definitely get it from her mama... ;)


Top phrases heard at the townhouse...

"Rufus, stop it!" "Rufus, QUIT!" "Rufus, get back!" "No, Rufus, NOOOOO!" "OMG, Rufus." "SERIOUSLY. Get back!" "STAAAAAAAHP!"

You get the picture. He's a maniac and I don't know what to do. I literally just googled if there was Xanax for dogs (THERE IS.) because I'm tempted to call our vet so she can hook us up...


I'm taking this afternoon off and taking the girls swimming. By myself. Worst idea ever? We shall see...


Friday night goals. See also: I'm thirty.
Have a great weekend!


  1. You've survived 3 weeks of townhouse living ... hang in there! Love the photos!

  2. Those pictures of her dancing!!! Oh my glob!