oh hey, friday | computers & tattoos

What's up, Friday?! It's going to be a hot one today (it definitely feels like summer now...) so I'm counting down 'til quittin' time so I can enjoy a cold one and spend the weekend relaxing with my babes.


I spent the entire afternoon and evening yesterday trying to update my macbook so my new wireless SD card (thanks for the recommendation, Sarah!) would communicate with my computer to upload pictures. It was super frustrating because everything was moving at a snail's pace and I had bigger and better things to do like browse social media on my 15-inch screen while eating ice cream after my kids went to bed. My iPhone screen is cracked and chipping away so I prefer to waste my braincells while perusing on the Mac but I couldn't do that because the icon just kept spinning and spinning and spinning.

First world problems, for real.

Anyway, it finally came back online and everything is different now, including iPhoto (but apparently it's not iPhoto anymore?) so I'm not really sure where anything is. I'm also confident that I'm the last person to do these types of updates because I remember peeps complaining about changes a long time ago. I'm totally with it these days... #notsomuch


Moving on.

We've been swimming a few nights this week and it's a nice way to end the day. We have a quick supper, throw on our suits and pack like we're leaving for a week for the short walk to the pool. The girls love it and Justin's learning to love it. Poor guy works outside all day long and I know that last thing he wants to do after getting home is spend MORE time in the heat but he's a trooper and us girls love him for it. ;)


File this under: Things I Said I'd Never Do Before I Had Kids

I dislike temporary tattoos. I further dislike them on little kids because I think it just makes them look dirty (or maybe dirtier than they really are?). You can't really tell what they are from a distance and they last for, like, a second before they start wearing off which makes them look worse. I always thought I wouldn't have them in the house when I had kids because I just didn't want to deal with them.


I have no idea where these even came from or how Gracyn found them but she's all about getting tatted up. They make her so happy so I'm all "whatever, just don't get sleeves..." 

And maybe just take a bath tonight... 


We're FOUR weeks away from moving in to the new house. PRAISE! We've been measuring spaces and furniture shopping but have yet to pull the trigger on anything besides boring television wall mounts. 

Our current family room furniture will be headed into the basement which means we're wanting to get some new pieces for the great room. Justin has his heart set on a leather couch for upstairs, which I was hesitant about at first, but I've been pinning and trying to put the room together in my head. I want it to look nice but with little kids running around, it obviously has to be practical. We'll see what we come up with!


The girlies were reading together so nicely the other morning. There was a "reading" prompt for the 30 Days of Summer Photo Challenge so it was the perfect opportunity to practice my picture-taking skillz...

getting an extra good look...
Have a happy weekend!


  1. Again, loving your challenge photos ... can not wait to see your little ones again. Missy is changing so much and G's a hoot. You'll have to fill me in on the wireless connection ... may try that. <3

  2. Nope your not the last person to update your Mac! I still haven't because I refuse to lose iPhoto! And that spinning beach ball is SO annoying. We need a new Mac badly (or perhaps I just need to move over thousands of photos taking up space) but I get that dumb thing more often than I'd like to admit! Glad you got a wireless SD card! It's life changing! I never thought to transfer the photos to my laptop (I still put the SD card in and transfer wirelessly to my phone instead)...perhaps I need to do that. But that would require the update that I so badly don't want to do! And only 4 weeks! YAY!!! You'll be moving about the time we find out the sex of our baby!! Countdown is ON!

  3. Leighton is looking SO big and so long! Tear.

  4. I remember the temporary tattoos. I am not sure how I feel about my girls using them either. I haven't updated my mac in awhile either. Ugh. I need to do my iPad also.