Leighton :: 18 Months

Age: 18 months old. 1.5 years old. Shocked at how this can be true.

Stats: 28-ish pounds and 34-ish inches maybe? We have her well-check later today so I'll update then!

Clothes: 2T all the way. She's so big it's silly.

Favorite Foods: She is still a pretty good eater - has been all her life. I'd say her faves include fruit (strawberries and bananas for sure), hotdogs, pizza and yogurt. And candy. She doesn't get it very often but she's known to shove licorice into her mouth as fast as she can.

She also has a very unbecoming habit of dumping whatever is left over on her plate onto the table and then smearing it everywhere. It makes a huge unnecessary mess. If we're not fast enough, she'll run over to Gracyn's plate and do the same thing in the middle of dinner. We're currently sitting in lawn chairs and eating around the coffee table (I wish I was kidding...) so I know it'll help after we move and she's once again strapped into a booster seat but man alive - it is annoying! ;)

Favorite Toys: Oh, boy. Getting this girl to play with her own toys is a struggle. She's constantly stealing things from Gracyn and holding her own when it comes to giving it back. If G isn't around, Leighton will find the dollhouse or her barn and play for a little bit at a time. She's also recently started picking out books to read and will sit and look at them by herself. We say a lot of things like, "Be nice to books!" and "Oh no, we don't rip pages..." but we're working on it... Words: hi, mommy (always "mama" when she's sad or wants something), daddy, sissy, baby, puppy, bubble, eye, please (eeeeze!), more (ooh).
She calls her paci a "ti-ti" and will say "dah!" for dog, duck, book and any loud noise she hears. She can also point to her body parts: eye, nose, mouth, hair, belly button, hands and toes. She is really babbling and likes to tell stories so I'm excited for her to start using more and more words! She also likes to yell randomly for no apparent reason.

Leighton Lynn is our WILD CHILD. She can be quite the handful and is definitely more spirited than Gracyn ever was at this age. Homegirl finds herself in time-out multiple times a day as we try to stop the hitting, biting and pinching. And seriously - WHERE did she learn to hit, bite and pinch!?! She's quite naughty at times and keeps us on our toes all day long. 

We also have to really watch her with Rufus. The dog is NOT a fan of people touching his ears and feet and Leighton seems to bee-line for them any chance she gets. Rufus will usually get up and move away but lately (...and I'm totally blaming the townhouse...) he's become less tolerant. He'll let out a low growl anytime she gets near and gets especially peeved when she tries to ride him like a horse. I spend my entire life trying to keep them in separate areas. Spoiler alert: it's impossible.

On the flip side, LL is the sweetest girl. She will offer up random hugs and she is funny. She will be standing by herself and all of a sudden start laughing. At what, we don't know, but she thinks it's pretty hilarious. She likes to mimic Gracyn while they sing and dance around the room and will always kiss you goodnight. There's a big personality in there and she may drive me nuts on a daily basis but I wouldn't trade her for the world.

And here are both girls at 18 months...

Gah. They are beauties. ;)


  1. Haha glad to hear your mealtimes are just as fun as ours! I always have to be on alert because Landry will just push her plate off her tray (food on it or not) when she gets finished and if I don't catch it, the food is in the floor!

  2. She is growing up quickly and isn't it fun to see how different two kids can be growing up in the same home? Our 'baby' is a full-blown toddler! Can't wait to squeeze both girls! Big kiss!

  3. Such a cutie with a glimmer in her eyes!