Homemade Mud

Without a yard of our own, we're sometimes always going a little stir crazy over here so when it was time to get outside and get filthy for the 30 Days of Summer Photo Challenge we were more than ready!

The rain we've been getting has subsided and the ground has dried out a bit so we needed to improvise. A couple of buckets of water and we were set. The girls had fun and I'm sure thought I was a bit crazy at first when I told them to purposely play in the mud but we ended up having a great time!

Oh, and if you're local and happen to be driving down Antioch at night and see two kids in their underwear/diaper playing in the mud and their weird mom taking pictures, it's us. Honk, wave and say "hi!" ;)


  1. Fun ... did little one try to eat it too? Loving the little finger & toes shot!

  2. So much fun! And such great pictures! Not gonna lie, the filthy prompt had me shuttering yesterday...which is in part why I took a picture of our laundry! Not a fan of cleaning up unnecessary messes over here, but I think I need to be like you and encourage it once in a while!

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