Sweet Summertime

Summer is (un)officially here! We had a great Memorial Day weekend up in Omaha with our dear friends. The girls ran amok, played hard and only got into a few squabbles about sharing toys with their friend, Harper.

We visited the zoo on Saturday and it was honestly the best zoo visit we've ever had. The crowds were surprisingly minimal and the weather was perfect - cool and comfortable. We saw SO MANY animals out and about, I couldn't believe it. They were close up, too, making it even more exciting when it felt like you could have reached out and touched them. We didn't, of course, but the sloth made it tempting!

We watched Gracyn grow up before our eyes when she went down these giant slides all by herself! The slides are in a cute little park right in the middle of downtown. We spent a little time playing on Sunday morning before grabbing a sno-cone and heading back for much needed naps.

It wasn't raining in Omaha (yay!) so we stocked up on some water toys and let the girls run wild on Sunday afternoon. The water was cold but they didn't seem to mind! I overgrammed the entire weekend (like usual...) but here are a few non-iPhone pictures.

Hope you all had a great holiday weekend and remembered the real reason for the season. Thank you to all those who have served and continue to serve our country so we can have weekends like these!


  1. Such happy pics!!! Looks like a wonderful weekend!

  2. Love the expressions you've captured! Wonderful - glad you got away for the weekend.

  3. Loved following your weekend on Insta...it looked wonderful!