Friends Don't Let Friends Shoot in Auto

...or something like that.

I've had my Nikon D3200 for almost 5 years and I'm ashamed to say that I finally opened the owner's guide to learn a little bit more about my camera. Up until now, I've only ever shot in auto mode, preferably without the flash, and I've been telling myself that it was time to learn and attempt to take some pictures of the girls in manual mode. Just in time, too - I signed up for a summer photography challenge and I can't wait to for it to start!

I scoured Pinterest (duh.) and found a few cheat sheets to help me along. I focused on ISO, shutter speed and aperture as a jumping off point. After messing with it for 45 minutes and ONLY getting black photos, I reset the camera to factory settings and started over.  I basically squealed when I successfully picked settings that gave me an actual picture. Never mind that it was overexposed and had a rather blue tint to it. It was a picture! Ha.

A few more tweaks and I was finally getting some actual pictures. These are no where near professional-grade but I'm excited to learn a bit more and practice getting those decent pics! We only had time to practice indoors today but I think I'd have some fun messing around outside, too. We just need the rain to stay away...

These first pictures only have a few minor edits applied to them...

And, Rufus. You see him there behind Gracyn?! Ever since we moved into this townhouse, he's been PANTING. Like, at all times. WTF, dude? He is probably having the hardest time adjusting. 

Before, he'd always be in our backyard, chilling on the deck. Nowadays, he's just all up in our biz-nass and it's super annoying but there is literally nowhere else for him to go. He's not allowed in the bedrooms (and connecting bathrooms) because he likes to snatch up dirty undies and used tissues; he isn't allowed in the kitchen because he tends pop up on the counter and eat things, plastic bags and all. 

And the trifecta - he can't be outside because our small patio backs up to one of the busiest streets in town and he doesn't handle seeing cars, people, birds or fellow canines like a normal dog. He fa-REAKS out and makes a scene and it's embarrassing. We will most likely be kicked out of the complex because of him.  That, or the fact that Leighton's dirty diapers have been sitting near our front door for a week because the dumpster is, like, 14 buildings away and I'm lazy.

Another fun fact: I'm currently drinking wine out of a red solo cup. WHO AM I? #classy #townhouselife

Anyway, back to my amateur photography skillz...

And then there's the time you give your fancy camera to your three-year old and she snaps these...

...making HER a better photographer than you.


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  1. Ok, first of all, I'm shocked you just recently tried manual mode! I could have sworn some of your older photos were taken in clearly, you hide that flash, well! Great photos for a first attempt! I have been practicing for almost 4 years and I still sometimes switch it to auto to ensure a few decent photos! Also, Lightroom is a pretty inexpensive (and super user-friendly) editing software that can correct that blue tint and help to sharpen the photo (which is my biggest helper)!