oh hey, friday! | shopping edition

I love shopping just as much as the next girl and wish I could spend my days walking the mall and spending that cash. But in reality, I'm cheap, we're on a budget and I love a good sale so I was excited to come across some good deals this week!

But first...


Did you see!?! JoJo's Magnolia Collection is available at Nebraska Furniture Mart! I meannnnn, COME ON. I'm in so much trouble.

My love for NFM runs deep, which is sad, but it's so true. Our house could be an actual NFM showroom. When a store gives you an insane credit limit and YEARS of interest-free payments it's hard not to fall in love. I think we've had some sort of NFM payment every month since we've been married because it's just too easy to shop there.

And now they're gonna go ahead and throw JoJo into the mix!? I'm in heaven. And did I mention? Trouble. MUST BUY ALL THE THINGS! ;)

Some of my favorites...

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6


Target is having a stellar sale on summer wardrobe staples. T-shirts for $5? Um, ok. I've kind of been obsessing over all things olive green so I picked up this one the other day. (It's coming up $9 online but it was $5 in store). I have several t-shirts from Target but this one has a really good feel and fit so I went back to pick up a purple one, too.


I also hit up the Old Navy Memorial Day sale this week. Online and in-store. Oops. Their tanks are 50% off so I ordered this peplum cami. I don't own any peplum so it'll either be a hit or a total disaster. We shall see. And because I work out allllll the time (...not.) I decided I needed some new athletic shorts.

The girls scored a few new items, too, because I just can't help myself. This printed tank top is to die for and yes, they'll be matching. #cantstop #wontstop


I don't shop at The Children's Place for the girls very often but they do always seem to have great, basic sandals for summer. I hauled the kids to the mall so they could try on this pair (in white) and then came home to order them each a pair online. The shoes were on sale in the store but even morso online - 50% off with free shipping! I tried to get them to match the online price while I was there but they wouldn't and I'd rather save moolah and wait for a package in the mail. :)

Also, my kid is way cooler than I will ever be...


We're off to Omaha to spend the long weekend with my bestie and her family. It's supposed to be rainy (big shocker...) but that won't stop us from having a great time. Hope you all have a great holiday!!

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  1. That furniture is amazing! And I love the peplum cami! Also, I bought a maternity top from ON in the same print as those tank tops for your girls, so I'll be matchy-matchy with them! Have a great weekend and stay dry (yeah, right!).