Dear Weekend

Dear Weekend,

I want you back. Why you gotta leave me so soon!?!

I took a vacation day on Friday so the girls and I could bust out of this teeny, tiny townhouse and get some fresh air. It was cloudy and cool but we made the most of it with bagels for breakfast, a trip to the farm, lunch and ice cream. We made it home in time for a nap for Leighton and a movie and cuddles on the couch for me and my big girl. It was a good day.

This mama got a few hours to herself on Saturday and stepped out for a fresh hair cut. I seriously only cut my hair like every 7 or 8 months (I KNOW.) and it's usually only when I feel the dire need to CUT IT AND CUT IT NOW. I'd been pinning a few different styles, showed them to my stylist and voila! Summa hair.

There's nothing like cruising around town solo in your mini van with the windows down, am i right?! #solame

But it felt good. And I'm loving my new 'do...

Sunday (hello, second-day hair!) involved meeting my brother and sister-in-law for lunch and showing them the new casa. Gracyn gave them the grand tour (we spent a lot of time discussing her new bedroom...) and Leighton decided to have a full-on meltdown.

Poor girl has not been sleeping well this past week. She still doesn't really consistently sleep through the night (I KNOWWW.) but before we moved, she'd be in bed around 7:30 and sleep in until 9 or 9:30, waking one or two times in the night, mostly for a quick cuddle.

She and Gracyn are now sharing a room and basically wake each other up all night long, which means mama is getting up every two hours and is left with crabby toddlers who are up for the day at 6:30 AM. 


I'm hoping we fall into some sort of groove soon otherwise it'll be a long two months and we'll have to do some major sleep training once we move. Again.

I'm excited that it's supposed to be in the 80s all week but not excited that it's supposed to rain every day. The pool in our complex is open and I have two little gals who are itching to go swimming!

The new house is coming along and the girls found great joy in jumping off the new patio steps. It's the little things in life... ;) We've also met a few of the new neighbors and their kiddos which is making us even more excited to call this place home.

Here's to hoping the next 5 days go as quickly as the weekend. We have a holiday and 3-day weekend to celebrate!