Gracyn Says...

After crumbling styrofoam into one million teeny, tiny pieces during "nap time"...
Mackenzie: honey, why did you make this mess?
Gracyn: but mom, it's just birdseed.
Mackenzie: but..
Gracyn: you know, for the birds!

While changing her undies after a minor accident...
Gracyn: hurry. leighton can't see me like this.

Singing in a restaurant during dinner...
Gracyn: sometimes you're naughty. sometimes you're a superhero.

While relaxing on the couch...
Gracyn: rufus! get outta my bubble!

Trying to get out the door...
Mackenzie: gracyn, hurry please. we have to leave.
Gracyn: mom, that's just ridiculous.

After stepping in spilled water...
Gracyn: what the heck is this?!

Basically every time my work phone rings...
Gracyn: uh, mom? your email is calling.

After sprinting to the bathroom...
Gracyn: oh man! i almost pooped in my undies!

Attempting to hold Leighton's legs and walk her around the room...
Gracyn: look mom! she's like a walking-barrow!

Listening to music with me during L's nap time...
Gracyn: mom, who sings this!?
Mackenzie: uh, I think her name is Demi Lovato
Gracyn: ha! what!? what a weird name.

Sorry, Demi.


  1. When she sees her dad carrying the large doll house down the stairs, she stops dead in her tracks, spreads her arms wide and says: "Wow, Dad! You're carrying that all by yourself? You're amazing!" All true.

  2. hahahah!!! Some of these things she's saying sound like me! Wonder where she gets it from :-)

  3. These are hilarious!!! I can't even pick a favorite because they all made me laugh!!

  4. These are too cute!! Little kids are the best.