Finally Friday


This whole last half of the week, I've been off. I thought Wednesday was Thursday and then was confused all day yesterday thinking it was Friday. It wasn't. I hate when that happens.


It's moving day! Well, day one of two I guess. We pick up the u-haul after work today. We currently have possessions in three different locations (house, storage, apartment) and I'm about to lose my mind.

Leighton apparently loves hanging at the storage unit, so that's good I guess.


Anyone else obsessed with JT's new song? It instantly cheers me up.


After things calm down a bit (and before they get crazy again...) we're really wanting to take a little family vacation. Somewhere close - St. Louis maybe? Omaha for sure so we can visit some friends and maybe sneak over to Lincoln to see my brother and his family. Just something to get us away and recharge a bit.



Happy weekending!

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  1. Bahaha Friday and wine!!!! I would give anything for a glass today! And yes, we want a mini family vacay, too, but we're just not sure where to go! Best of luck with the move (#1 of 2 anyway)!