Things to Do, People to See

The hives have cleared (can I get an amen?!?) just in time for us to gear up for a rather busy and fun-filled weekend.
i love e-cards. they're hilarious.
First things first though, my sister-in-law and I are hitting up a consignment sale south of town tonight to try and score some goodies for the little people in our lives. The sale is held twice a year and by the looks of their Facebook page they have a ton of items. Should be a good time fo' sho'.

We have an all-employee miniature golf tournament tomorrow afternoon followed by drinks and dinner at Boss Hog's house (one of the many perks of working for a small company), football to watch, friends to see, shopping to do and last-minute family pictures to take as well. I'm gonna need a weekend to recover from the weekend...

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