A Day at the Farm

It was a bit chilly this morning but we ventured out to the Deanna Rose Children's Farmstead here in town to experience what life was like in the 1900s. Farm animals, a one-room schoolhouse and an old-time general store. It was pretty legit. I had been wanting to go for awhile now and since we rarely get out and explore our adopted hometown, I was glad we made the trip. Gracyn seemed to enjoy it too- saying "hi" to the goats and "hi" to the other little kids as she strolled by.

Get ready for a photo dump. Lots of farm animals and baby girl comin' atcha. Before we left, though, we had to eat puffs and be goofy. Justin's little sister Jessica is visiting this weekend and her and Gracyn are besties. G likes to wave and be silly with Aunt Jessie...

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