Gracyn :: 9 Months Old

NINE months, baby! Full disclosure, these pictures are not the best - the little miss is allergic to sitting still these days. As soon as I moved her back to snap her pic, she was reaching, crawling, standing, yelling for/at something else. Luckily, Justin got home right as we were trying to play photographer and he was able to distract her for .43 seconds so I could get a somewhat decent picture. Gracyn lasted about 5 minutes and I took almost 100 pictures (rapid-fire is my favorite feature) and I only got a handful of pictures that were OK. All of the others had at least one body part that was a complete blur.

Month numero nueve has been quite exciting. She says "hi" every chance she gets, she is sprouting new teeth on the daily (I wrote up her chalkboard on Monday night and since then her 6th tooth has popped through!), and, did I mention? She WILL NOT sit still. Girlfriend is all over the place. 

She's mastering some mad balancing skillz. She'll be walking along the furniture and stop to play with something or chew on the TV remote and all of a sudden we'll notice that she's just standing there like it's no big deal. But then she realizes she's not holding onto something and does this little squat thingy where she tries to reach the ground. Eventually she just falls back on to her booty and goes about her day.

Not even lying, she took two steps last night, too. 

She's such a ham these days. We are lovin' the goofy faces and the things she does to get our attention. Grunting is her favorite - she'll grunt at you until you say "hi." Once you acknowledge her, she gives the cheesiest grin. Seriously, she's awesome.
G weighs 18lbs 5oz and is 28 inches tall, which means she gained 4 pounds and grew 3 inches in the last 3 months. Oink, oink baby. She has yet to refuse a food which means she'll eat anything you put in front of her. She still really loves puffs and this month we've started giving her whatever we're having for dinner. She still gets her purees but she's also had things like quesadillas, chicken, pasta, and ham. She gets angry if we don't give her a taste of what we're having so we at least let her try whatever's on our plate within reason.

Pretty pumped to see what she'll do next. I could be wrong, but I'm going to guess that she's walking by 10 months which is just absolutely nuts to think about but she's already standing on her own and she learned that trick in like 2 days.

I'm hoping her 2nd word is "mama" but since she has yet utter the "mmmm" sound it doesn't look good. "Dada" is definitely close - she's probably (technically) already said "dada" but it hasn't been as clear and consistent as her "hi."

Def looking forward to Halloween next week - I got her costume made and I'm anxious to see what it looks like once she has it on. And I'll probably try to take some more stellar pictures to post on this 'ol bloggity blog, which I know all 7 of my followers are looking forward to... No? Anyone? Oh-well.

Until then.....


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