Friday Things

It's gonna be a hot one today and the neighborhood pool is supposed to FINALLY OPEN this weekend so I'm sure we'll be logging some pool hours this weekend, along with the rest of the 'hood.


29 weeks along. I'll try and do a more comprehensive update next week but this week was good for the most part. He feels super low compared to the girls and I'm uncomfortable bending over and need to make sure I sit up straight so I can breath properly. I got switched to weekly biophysical checks at my OB office which means I get to see the little guy every week for the next 10 weeks or so. I'm glad that they're keeping a close eye on him but having to go to the doctor every week - sometimes multiple appointments depending on who I'm seeing - will get old really fast. I suppose it's just a precursor of what's to come, though. I expect him to have several appointments a month after he's here, too.

gracyn brought her photography skills. leighton brought the patriotism.


Justin and I met with the director of the Down Syndrome Guild of Kansas City on Monday afternoon. She was a great resource and they gave us a basket of information, gifts for the baby and pamphlets to hand out to friends and family who will be supporting us once Baker is born. We're excited to start attending events and meet other families in the area. Check out their site if you're interested in learning more - they have so many great programs and updated, current information available. I'm already so thankful an organization like this exists; we know Baker will be supported from day one and I can't even begin to tell you how much reassurance it gives me knowing he'll have the tools he needs to lead a happy and productive life.

We even found out that there is a little boy with DS who literally lives down the street from us in our neighborhood. I bought baby clothes at his mom's garage sale earlier this spring, before we knew anything about Baker's heart and DS diagnosis. Funny how things work out, isn't it?


His room is well under way! I spent some time the other weekend hanging stuff up and getting some things organized. I washed all of his clothes and realized I didn't have as many things as I thought; once I split up everything by size I realized the poor kid has probably 8 newborn or 0-3 month onesies but no pants. It'll be summer and hot when he's born but I feel like he at least needs ONE pair of pants or shorts, right?! I best get to shopping... ;)


My mom and dad were in town for a few days this week watching the girls while I went into the office for work to do some training. It's a long story - one that was unfolding when we were learning about Baker's health issues - but my work situation will be changing a bit after my maternity leave. I'll be working in the office 3 days a week and from home the other two days. So, starting in November, the girls will be starting daycare on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and home with me on Tuesdays/Thursdays. The daycare center has room for Baker to start as well but we haven't made any concrete plans for him yet; it'll depend on how he's doing after he's born.

We need to keep him as healthy as possible and gaining weight like he should so his heart surgery can take place within those first 6 months. If his doctors clear him for daycare, that's an option but we may also look into an in-home daycare or even someone to come to our house and stay with him those 3 days I'm at work. More things to iron out in the next few months.




  1. He's going to have the neatest room! We should have helped you move that piece of furniture out! Duh! Tell Gracyn she has photography potential! Love the little flag holder too! <3

  2. Baker's room is coming along nicely! I'm loving the way you're decorating so far! It looks so cute!
    Random question... or comment maybe? lol... and I hope this comes out right, but I didn't know that you worked outside the home too! If you don't mind me asking, what do you do? That's SO nice that they are being so flexible with you after your maternity leave!

  3. I'm a month behind you but totally agree about him feeling lower and being totally over bending over picking up anything already!

  4. I did the baby clothes laundry/tally and Im with you- where are all the clothes?! Not that I need an excuse to shop, right? ;) That fox wire wall hanging is darling.

  5. I think about you often as you prepare for Baker's arrival! You are one tough cookie and to have to worry about your work situation + daycare on top of everything else is just cruel. But then again, God will only give you what you can handle! His room is going to be adorbs!