#HomeByOakley Home Tour :: Leighton's Room

Leighton's room has slowly been transformed from baby nursery to Big Girl status these last few months! I didn't do a full "inspiration" post like I had done with Gracyn's room and Baker's nursery. As luck would have it, she's the second child and second girl so a lot of the stuff we used came from Gracyn's room at our old house. I did score a few new-to-us pieces (mostly from Goodwill because #onabudget...) to hang on her walls and brought the dollhouse up from the playroom to store some books and blankets. I still need to find a nightstand for her but other than that, I think this room is good to go! 

I am still so in love with the quilt we got for Gracyn a few years ago so I was more than ready to reuse it for Leighton's room since she was going to be using the double bed. Gracyn gave up her stool so Leighton could easily hop in {and out?} of bed. I'm happy to report that since moving to her big girl bed, she has yet to climb out and roam the house. I thought for sure we'd have to lock her in so I'm pleasantly surprised by this! 

I scored the turquoise mirror from Goodwill and the print is from The Tulle Box, a local KC shop. I have a habit of going into Goodwill every other week or so to see what I can find. Sometimes there is nothing worthy but other times I come home with random stuff and stockpile it while I figure out a use for it. This mirror, the flowers on L's wall above her bed and the white shelf all came from Goodwill. Nothing fancy by any means but they take up some wall space without having to spend a fortune!

I painted my old dresser and spray-painted the knobs coral to match the stool. It's not the best paint job since I used old leftover trim paint from the basement but it'll work for now!

We really talked up the whole "Big Girl Room" concept with Leighton and I think it paid off. She easily transitioned out of the crib and has actually started sleeping better in her new bed. Fingers crossed she stays put - unlike her sister who has a habit of ending up in our bed every night. I'm trying to convince G to head into Leighton's room instead of ours so we'll see if that starts happening or not. Sister slumber parties for the win, right?!