Daily Dime | June 2017

What's up, Wednesday!? I'm excited to link up today with one of my fave blogger friends, Sarah and the other gals hosting The Daily Dime. Like I needed yet another reason to take an obnoxious number of photos in a day, right?!

I love documenting our every day lives around here with our Photo Every Hour posts but I don't get around to it very often these days so when Sarah mentioned she'd be hosting this link up, I was all for it! I could easily snap 10 pictures a day! Here's a little glimpse into our day yesterday: Tuesday, June 13, 2017...

I mean, she's cute and all but would it kill her to sleep in her own bed? G has been creeping into our room in the middle of the night for months now, usually like a ninja so neither Justin or I notice she's there until morning. I wake up to kicks in my belly and her kneecaps in the small of my back. Sneaky little girl...

I bought a few too many bananas at the store last week and they were all going bad so I quickly googled uses for very ripe bananas and found a super simple banana-cinnemon muffin recipe which satisfied my desire to use said bananas and my apparent muffin craving. Win-win.

They turned out good, right!? They were yummy...

Leighton thought so, too! Muffins for breakfast...

Wanna know who else thought the muffins were yummy? Rufus. 

I got a text from Justin at 9:30 last night informing me that the dog ate the leftover muffins. He managed to snag them from the back of the counter. He even ate the plastic bag. Swear words were said. I literally hate this dog, you guys. I've said it before but HE RUINS LIVES. 

I'm still recovering from the muffin fiasco this morning but getting back to our Tuesday... We wrapped up our morning by sorting through some baby clothes lent out to us by our sweet neighbors!

This pinterest-inspired activity lasted approximately 7 minutes - ha! It was super easy to throw together and the kids may enjoy it better on a cooler day so we'll def try it again. 

Sidewalk paint recipe: 1 cup cornstarch + 1 cup water divided into muffin tins with some food coloring. 

It was a good, good mail day! My sweet cousin had this sign made for Baker's room and I'm in love. I had pinned a sign that had this verse on it as inspiration for his nursery and I was so surprised when something similar showed up today. It's perfect.

Also in the mail? My next Influenster VoxBox! My face is excited to participate in the #RevitaliftChallenge for the next 14 days. I'll try and keep the make-up free selfies to a minimum... ;)

Leighton didn't nap yesterday so as soon as Justin got home from work, he took the girls outside while I quickly finished work and started dinner. G's little friend joined us for supper followed by ice cream sundaes for dessert...

Ending her night back where she started - in MY bed. Life really just comes full-circle sometimes, am I right? I kicked her out after the episode of Paw Patrol was over but I'm sure she'll weasel her way back in at some point. Good thing she's cute.

Looking back, our Tuesday was busy. No wonder I'm tired today... Hope you all have a great Wednesday and don't forget to check out the lovely ladies hosting the link-up today!

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  1. Your photos are all so pretty. #always I love that sign for Baker's room and I need to try that chalk activity! I'm sure, with boys, it will last all of four minutes... Thanks for linking up!

  2. Busy day! Love the sign! Girls are sweet - love them so!

  3. So many things Im nodding my head to but seriously, our dog is the worst and I feel relieved Im not the only pet hater haha. Ive made 4 different muffins the past 2 weeks- muffin cravings are real.

  4. I just love how much you hate your dog :) haha! That pic of G sleeping is so sweet...but I imagine not so much when she's in your bed. Love that sign for B's room!! It's perfect!!

  5. Busy day!! Those muffins look delicious! We need to try those are out house! And I love that sign your cousin made, so talented!

  6. Oh no! I'm sorry your dog is such a pain. Those muffins did look great though! Thanks for linking up with us!