Bumpdate :: 30 Weeks

Size of Baby: A zucchini; 15.7 inches and 2.80 pounds. Sounds about right - at my 28-week appointment my doc squeezed in a growth scan and he was already over 2 pounds!

Total Weight Gain: maybe 20 pounds? I haven't been keeping track and pretty much don't care... However, it is swimsuit season and I'm basically a beached whale sitting on the sidelines while the kids go swimming. The fit moms at the neighborhood pool are definitely my motivation for NEXT summer, though! Ha!

Symptoms: Leg cramps! Hip pain! Both of these have started happening every night within the last few weeks or so. I was hunched over the bed super early one morning and Justin happened to wake up and semi-frantically ask me what was wrong. I had to swing my legs out of bed and prop myself up to work out the cramps that were shooting up both of my legs. Super fun! I'm also pretty stiff in the mornings after sleeping on my side all night long.

Other symptoms include a disdain for maternity shorts and the hot weather we've been having this week. That doesn't bode well for me seeing as how I'll be pregnant for basically the entire summer.

Sleep: I haven't been sleeping well at all. Pregnancy this late in the game alone makes it difficult but I'll find myself up in the middle of the night googling heart defects (my advice: don't do this...) or scrolling through the Down syndrome support group because I had to get up to pee and couldn't get back to sleep. I should say I'm hopeful this will pass but I have a feeling my mind will be racing and my anxiousness will ramp up the closer we get to meeting this sweet boy.

Gender: BOY!

Name: Baker Dee Oakley :)

Nursery: making lots of progress! The inspiration for his room can be found here! We were fortunate enough to get some clothes from our sweet neighbors and I've been going through everything and organizing all the things!

Gracyn's Thoughts: She wants to teach him how to play soccer and ride a bike. She's looking forward to holding him and feeding him and making sure he has friends to play with. Such a sweet big sister!

Leighton's Thoughts: This girl. She's OBSESSED with other babies, whether it be my cousin's 5-month old or a baby she sees at a store, always wanting to hold them and talk to them. She's insanely sweet and gentle with them so I'm hopeful she'll be the same way with Baker. Fingers crossed!

Less than 10 weeks until we meet this little fella!

And for comparison... 30 weeks with all three kiddos! My photog skillz were seriously lacking back in late 2012. Ha! Leighton wins for making me look semi-put together and Baker takes the cake for biggest and lowest. And darkest under-eye circles... ;)

30 Weeks with Leighton


  1. "And darkest under-eye circles" - bahahaha #kids!!! I actually think you look bigger with Gracyn! And yes, my 2012 baby bump photos are so bad! Photography has come a long way! Love Baker's full name! And do you want/need any maternity swim suits? I have two you could just have!

  2. Eeee!!! Best comp pictures ever! You look amazing in all of them.

  3. Maternity shorts are the freaking worst - I literally want to cry every time I pull them on and off (which is a lot because I pee all the time). Also, you seriously are the cutest pregnant person ever. I think I have already gained 20 pounds and you are twice as far along as me. You got this, mama!

  4. The leg cramps are killing me too, although I think vitamin D is helping! And you look fabulous and so so similar in size to your other pregnancies!