#HomeByOakley | Nursery Inspiration

I have to admit, planning a nursery for a baby boy is a nice change of pace around here! Lots of blues and grays and neutrals. A little break from alllll the pink that consumes the girls' rooms. It's been fun planning a space for this little dude, that's for sure.

At first, I wasn't sure what direction I wanted to go with Baker's room, I just knew I didn't want it to be theme-y. A mention of a sport here and there but I didn't want Boomer Sooner or Adrien Peterson's fat-head plastered to the wall, much to Justin's dismay...

Woodland creatures are fine, but not the nursery-rhyme cartoon ones. We're not automobile enthusiasts or sailors so I also wanted to avoid car decals and the whole nautical scene. I'm still not sure what "design style" I wanted - something fit for a baby but not uber babyish.

Easy enough, right!?

After we received Baker's heart diagnosis, I immediately jumped on the web and social media to start researching and connecting with other moms and families that had experienced a similar situation. The #heartwarrior and #chdawareness hashtags came up right away and are filled with some of the bravest, strongest people I've ever seen - and most are little babies. It's still hard for me to imagine what Baker's surgery day will be like - I could cry just thinking about handing him over to the surgical team - but I already know he's one tough cookie. He'll face more challenges in his first 6 months than some do in a lifetime.

He's strong. He's brave. Hell, he's even started teaching me how to be strong and brave.

I figured his room at home - the place where he'll be growing and gaining strength and preparing for battle (open heart surgery + life...) should remind him how freaking amazing he is. A room fit for a warrior, if you will.

Originally, I was going to paint our existing crib and dresser. I wanted something white or gray versus the dark brown we have. After painting a dresser for Leighton's room (a tour of her room is coming soon!) I quickly decided the brown was juuuuuuust fine. It would have taken a lot of effort and paint to refinish the perfectly good furniture so I decided to just leave it. I'm sure B won't mind Leighton's old teeth marks on the railings... ;)

We're also keeping our existing glider and matching ottoman but if I was made of money, I'd get a newer, more modern chair and a pouf or something like that to mix it up a bit. Budgets really are no fun.

I'm suuuuuuuper excited about the pegboard over his dresser, which we also use as a changing table. It's so fun and it was really easy to put together thanks to good old Pinterest. I can't wait to put the rest of the room together!

1 // Just Be Awesome // Words we should all live by.. ;)

2 // The Lord is With You Mighty Warrior // This sign is huge but I may try to find a smaller print with the same verse.

3 // Be Brave & Strong // This will be a good reminder to walk by every day.

4 // Crib // This one is very similar to the crib we used for both girls. 

5 // Dresser // I like using the top of the dresser as a changing table, one less piece of furniture in an already cramped room

6 // Glider // Love this one from Target!

7 // Throw // Every room needs a cozy blanket. Especially a nursery for those late nights when you just happen to sleep in the rocking chair for hours on end.

8 // Crown Town Print // Because we'll always be Royal. No matter how bad they're playing...

9 // Pegboard // Love this tutorial and this one, too!

10 // JellyCat // Gracyn's is pink, Leighton's is tan so it's only appropriate that Baker get his very own bunny, too.

11 // Metal Shelf // Extra storage, industrial look. It's a win-win.

12 // Pouf // First, poufs are stupid-expensive. Second, one day I will own one...

13 // Letter "B" // For Baker. And Boy. And Baby. 

14 // Oh Boy Print // Check out this post for cute and free printables!

15 // Curtains // My mama sent us these navy blackout curtains for B's room. They block the light really well which is a MUST since his room faces east.

16 // Metal Arrow // "I will walk by faith even when I cannot see."

17 // Changing Pad Cover (similar) // Boy-ing it up a bit and replacing our old pink and purple covers with blue stripes and polkadots. 


  1. Perfect! Love the color mix and all the little boy inspirations you've picked out.

  2. I love it! And you know I'm a huge fan of the small touch of Royal!!

  3. Just perfection! Im in the same dang boat- nothing overly theme-y but baby appropriate. I have yet to make any progress lol.

  4. I love it all! And actually I think the brown crib and dresser look great with all that other stuff! A perfect nursery for a perfect little guy!