oh hey, friday!

So stinking excited for this weekend! Here's a quicky of a post for your Friday...


My bestie and her little girl are on their way down to stay with us for the weekend. We can't wait to see Kelsi and Harper. Gracyn has been asking for Harper to "play in my room?" all day. Get excited, Harp! I'm sure Leighton will be army-crawling behind trying to keep up.


Speaking of army-crawling, this little girl wants to move so. bad. She's take a few legit "crawls" up on her hands and knees -she's getting so close!

She's also perfected the art of lounging...

hottie with a {baby} body.

We had family pictures taken when we were up in South Dakota over the 4th of July. Once again, Ashley worked her magic! LOVE the ones of the girls in this little tent she had set up. So sweet and perfect. I'll post more next week, duh.


You guyzzzz. The Move Your Booty Challenge ends TODAY. I didn't think I was going to hit my goal of 200,000 steps in July but I totally did it. Barely. Like, my total will be 201,000. Sad, I know. But, still. I did it. Now, please give me the dollars that I'll be winning... ;)


IT'S THE WEEKEND! Did I mention? I'm excited.

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  1. Landry Kate wore the same little outfit Leighton has on for our family pictures a few weeks ago too! It is the cutest! :) Love how yours turned out.