oh hey, friday!

I hate when short weeks feel like long weeks, you know what I mean? I had Monday off work as we traveled back home after the July 4th holiday but this entire week just seemed to drag on and on. And on. I'm tired and ready for a relaxing weekend.

But first, five random things for your Friday...


Justin and I officially have TWO kid-less vacations planned in the coming months. One to Jamaica in September to celebrate my 30th birthday - our besties Alyssa and Brian are coming with. SO EXCITED. We also have one planned next April to Mexico with my friends from high school and our husbands to celebrate their 30th birthdays (since I'll just be old balls by then and basically 31...)!

The last big trip we took was 5 years ago on our honeymoon so it'll be nice to get away. Even though I'll miss the girls like crazy...

..and both places just look terrible, right? ;)

Also, we probably won't take another vacation for, like, another 5 years so the cash-money spent will be well worth it!


To prepare for said vacations, I've been participating in Karli and Amy's Move Your Booty Challenge which has been damn near impossible but I'm trying and that's all that counts, right!? RIGHT?!?! Yes.

10k steps a day is a lot when I'm plopped in front of a computer working every afternoon. Justin finally set up my rusty treadmill in the dingy basement and even though I have 10 seasons of Friends to watch while I'm trotting in place, the getup doesn't scream motivation. BUT I'M TRYING, OK?! I'm also still eating oreos... so there's that.

Totes won't win the pot of gold at the end but I'll get as close to 200k steps in July as I can!


Leighton turns SEVEN months old next week. What the what. Too fast, mama. Too fast. She's - dare I say it??? - sleeping through the night and napping like a champ. Holla!


Gracyn will be TWO AND A HALF later this month. Again, what the what!? Like the typical mom that I am, I think she is the funniest kid I've ever met. She's getting better and better every day.


Can you believe summer is half over? I cannot. I still have a lot of things to do on my half-assed summer bucket list. These include a pool day, museum tours, a brewery tour, and possibly Worlds of Fun to ride some roller coasters because, duh. So much to do, so little time...

Ta-ta for now! The weekend awaits!

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