Leighton :: Seven Months Old

Happy S E V E N months, baby girl! I feel like we've really turned a corner this month - mostly all good things! It's almost like we have a different baby on our hands.

EAT | Girlfriend likes to eat and rarely misses a meal. She takes a 6-ounce bottle every four hours and usually gets solids at breakfast and dinner. She's usually napping when Gracyn and I eat lunch otherwise I'm sure she'd be happy to chow down on a sandwich at Noon, too. She seems to love everything we've given her so far. Puff cereal is her jam along with chicken, ground beef, blueberries and black olives, surprisingly. I swear, she ate as many black olives as I did during taco night. That's my girl. We're doing mostly baby-led weaning but we do have jars of baby food in stock in case we're in a rush or out in public. BLW is supermessy and 95% ends up on the floor or on her person so we spoon-feed when we're in a pinch. She's still perfecting her self-feeding skills.

She went from zero to F O U R teeth in a matter of weeks. All on the bottom. Her top front two are rearing their ugly heads, though. She woke up at 6:45 this morning and refused to nap until 1:45 PM. She was a mess but I could tell those toofers were bothering her. I drugged her (baby Tylenol) and she's finally resting. Amen.

PLAY | She want to crawl SO BAD! She scoots across the room in no time and she can go from laying on her tummy to sitting up. We lowered her crib the other day when we figured out she could do this. She'll rock back and forth on her knees so it's only a matter of days before she's fully mobile. She's even trying to pull herself up. Slow your roll, girl. 

And she's still Gracyn's #1 Fan.

SLEEP | By far the greatest thing on earth was when this little bitty started sleeping through the night. Not even just STTN, but we can now lay her down in her crib at naps and night - AWAKE! - and she'll just roll over and go to sleep. 


It's like a whole new world around here. And really, it happened overnight. As soon as those first two teeth came in on Father's Day, our lives changed for the better... ;)

Within a couple of days, she got her first two teeth, stopped nursing, started solids on a regular basis, upped her formula intake, and started sleeping like a champ.

Well, except for last night and today I guess, but I can't complain. Teething is a total bitch so I know she has a good reason for being crazy today. But we'll get back on track.  So proud of this girl, though.

We love you, sweet girl. Thanks for keeping us on our toes and gracing us with that sweet smile of yours every day. You're the best.


  1. Love this little girl ... I know she has to grow but still amazed at how quickly she's changing! Hugs!! Gma