Gracyn :: 2.5 Years Old

Age: TWO and a HALF

Stats: 32-ish pounds. 37-ish inches.

Clothes: 3T tops and shorts/bottoms. We can still get away with 2T dresses but they're a little short.

Favorite Foods: Cereal. All day long. Sometimes with milk, sometimes without. Mama's proud. (I could eat cereal for dinner every night). Truth be told,  she's getting pickier and pickier the older she gets. Recently, her biggest meal of the day is breakfast - last Saturday she ate 3 bowls of cereal, toast and a banana - and it kind of tapers off throughout the day. It's a struggle to get her to sit still and eat a decent dinner. She'd rather sing and dance and not listen when we ask her to sit up at the table and eat. She'd take fruit over veggies any day (strawberries and grapes are big). Her favorite meat is sausage (seriously) and she has a new found love for cold pepperonis. She prefers milk (she get it from her mama) over water and thinks it's pretty great when she gets to have juice.

Favorite Toys: We've reached the stage where she'll ask for a toy or point something out when we're at the store. I caved one day and bought her a Doc McStuffins doctor kit and Lambie doll. We now "go to the doctor" every day, checkups for everyone. She'll have us take a deep breath and tell us to be brave. She runs around yelling "diagnosis!!!" It's pretty funny.

She's become quite the little hoarder and is very particular about the toys in her room (what can and cannot be in there) and we'll find quite the collection of trinkets jammed under her covers each morning. Still loves her blankie and baby. And Butch. Most days.

Words: Full conversations are happening with this girl. The second Justin gets home from work, she runs to tell him about her day. She can remember things we've talked about days (or weeks) ago. She asks us "why, mom?" or "why, dad?" approximately 2342341422 times a day and when I turn it around on her and ask the same question, her answer is almost always "hmmm...because." I'm waiting for the "...because I said so." part next.

I feel like she's grown and changed SO MUCH these last 6 months. She's just big now. Too big. We're starting to work on potty-training. Some days, she's really into it, other days she requests diapers. To be honest, I'm not in a huge rush so we'll get there eventually. Gracyn is still the best big sister to Leighton and the baby absolutely adores her.

She's the sweetest little girl and our lives will never be dull with this gal around, that's for sure.

i can't even.


  1. A little cutie full of life making your life perfect! Love - love - love!

  2. Such a pretty little girl!