Park It

Going to the park is probably Gracyn's most favorite thing in life. She asks to go every day and any time we drive by so much as a rusty old slide in someone's backyard she shouts "PARK!!!" while frantically pointing out the window. She loooooves to swing. She will close her eyes, spread her arms and say she's "flying." It's her happy place.

I love that we live within walking distance to a decent park that the city recently revamped with new playground equipment and the tallest slide I ever did see. While we don't make it every day like Gracyn would like, we do try and go once a week so she can swing and slide her heart out.

Lo and behold, the littlest Oakley girl loves to swing, too! I shouldn't be surprised since she's practically glued to the infant swing in our family room but this is the big leagues - outdoors and everything. For a second I thought she'd be too little at 4 months old to test it out but then I remembered she's ginormous and with a little propping from some blankets, she was set.

We have a fun-filled summer ahead of us with these two gals. Can't wait. Oh, and please excuse G's outfit in these pics. The weather suddenly turned nice and I realized she didn't have any spring/summer clothes that fit so she's rocking 18-month sized shorts from last year and a weird sock/shoe combo. I've since placed bulk orders online for some new play clothes that should be arriving any day now... :)

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