FriYAY. About time. It's been a long week and the weather has been on point lately which makes it hard to sit inside and keep the kids occupied while I try and get some work done.

Thankfully, it's supposed to be gorgeous all weekend so we'll be able to clock a lot of outside time and burn off some energy.


Not that we I have a lot of energy because a certain little nugget is still protesting bedtime and sleeping during the nighttime hours. But! We are making progress! Baby steps, people! After last Friday night, I decided we needed to start sleep training Miss Leighton - at least a little bit. Homegirl was waking up expecting to be nursed every 90 minutes and that was just not cool. Throw in a thunderstorm or two and we ended up with Gracyn in our bed which, to her, meant it was party time while sister cried in the other room. This mama was up until 5 am with one child or another and I about lost my marbles.

but i'm not tired, ma!

We got the OK from her doctor to try a method that worked for us. The trouble was finding a method that actually worked for us because I constantly second guess my choices fearing she's not ready and give up because it didn't work immediately. Rational, I know. First step was to stop offering a boob every time she whimpered. I have little hickies all over my arms and shoulders where she was rooting trying to find my nips but only getting skin. It looks reallllly good and felt amazing. Not.

not cute. at all.
The first night we tried was the "Pick Up, Put Down" method where you run into comfort her every time she starts crying, pick her up and then put her down as soon as she stops freaking out. Problem was, she would continue freaking out whether we were holding her or not. She's a stubborn little thang. We decided to let her cry it out a bit and we'd go in to check on her in 5, 10 and 15 minute intervals. And wouldn't you know it...she actually soothed herself and went sleep! Amen!

The first few nights, we'd need to help calm her down after 5 and then after 10 minutes. But by the end of the first 15-minute period, she was asleep. She's been sleeping until about 2 AM when I'll feed her and put her right back down. Most nights she's up again around 4AM and then up by 7AM so we're still working on the whole sleeping-through-the-night thing but I'm super happy with how she's doing in the evenings these days. Here's to hoping it continues. And maybe with fewer wakings in the middle of the night but I guess beggars can't be choosers.

ok, fine. you're cute.


Moving on. I feel like all I talk about is sleep and lack there of. We're thinking about getting Gracyn a tricycle or even a balance bike for her to ride around in the driveway and on our walks. Is two too young for a balance bike?? I've read reviews and most say that kids that young can get the hang of it after a little bit of practice...


We are seriously considering a family vacation to Branson, MO this summer. Wild, right!? It seems goofy but there really are quite a few family-oriented things to do there and it's within reasonable driving distance in case we get there and it turns into a complete clusterfuck and we need to come home immediately. My family took vacations every summer and I'm excited to start the tradition with the girls. Especially now that Gracyn is older and can do more things. 

We're also planning on taking a trip in September for my birthday, but sorry kiddies, this one is adults-only.

i'll miss you.

I'm having way too much fun googling and Pinning all things related to essential oils. I could get into some big trouble ordering everything on my "wish list" because some things aren't cheap but gimme alllll the oilzzzz! And get yo'self some!


Um.....I need to start working out. But I also need to eat raw cookie dough (you know, without eggs so I don't die) so I'm conflicted. Summer is coming and G is signed up for swimming lessons in June and I don't feel like being the mom in the pool wearing an oversized t-shirt. But I also really, really want the cookie dough. I'm not sure how I'll handle this one yet....

Stay tuned. Or something.

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  1. Good luck with the sleeping! She is so precious! Happy Friday :)

  2. Glad little miss is starting to sleep better! And don't apologize for only talking sleep because when you aren't getting it, it's like the only thing you can think about! :) totally understand.

  3. Sleep training is so hard I remember we tired so many different things. Hope you find what works for u.
    Chelsea @