Photo Every Hour | Monday

5 AM | a quick snack and back to bed
6 AM | bye-bye, daddy
7 AM | cartoons while we wait for sissy to wake up
8 AM | sister love
9 AM | happy girl
10 AM | pom poms. everywhere.
11 AM | sharing toys. for now.
12 PM | lunch outside
1 PM | technical difficulties... 
2 PM | added this monstrosity to my family room. she hates it, obviously...
3 PM | costume change
4 PM | back in business, disney jr. to the rescue
5 PM | fresh air
6 PM | get it, girl 
7 PM | "i just wanna relax, mom..."
8 PM | these are a few of my favorite things...
And that's a wrap.

The 9 PM hour - and probably the 10 o'clock hour (lets be honest) - is currently consisting of doing dishes and eating that giant bag of laffy taffy that is photo-bombing the 6 PM pic. I'm going to try and go to bed before 11 PM and get a few zzz's before the babe is up again to eat. Wish me luck!

Happy Monday, friends!


  1. You are one hard working mama. :) Leighton and Harper are wearing the same size diapers! Crazay.

    1. um...that's because Leighton is a GIANT! 17 pounds!! :)

  2. Girl, I'm amazed you can get anything done working from home with 2 (and still have your sanity :)). But so awesome that you can! And I'm amazed that you can stay up until 11...I swear we are NEVER awake at 10PM...gotta get that sleep in over here.

    1. some days are better than others! :) I try really hard to stick to a routine/schedule but it's hard some days for sure! and I need you to teach me your ways - if I could make myself go to bed at 10 PM i'd be golden!