It's Baby Month!

It's August! It's baby month! It's time to freak out a bit because ready or not, this kid is coming. SOON!

I cannot believe that in 3 short weeks, Baker will be joining our family. It's been a wild ride to say the least. This pregnancy has been full of challenges and added stress and, at the same time, full of encouragement and support. The love we feel for this sweet boy is out of this world and I'm so excited to finally meet him.

My family and friends have been great about reminding me to take some "me time" every now and then. I'm not so great at following their advice so when my mom and dad offered to watch the girls for a few days, I was hesitant at first. It's easy for that mom-guilt to creep in, right?! For a hot minute, I felt bad about even considering shipping them off so I could selfishly watch TV, drink hot coffee and do things like sleep and pee alone.

Justin quickly brought me back down to earth and reasoned with me that this little break could be just the ticket; exactly what we all need before another little one joins our family and life gets even crazier. Mom life is the best life but we all need to recharge every once in a while, me included. I'm dropping the kids off this afternoon and while I'll miss them like crazy, I know they'll come home on Sunday to a mama who is happy, well-rested and so lonely in the bathroom that I'll let them come potty with me. Ha! Personal space is overrated, anyway... #saidnomomever

In all of my new-found free time this week, you can find me cleaning and organizing all the things, watching mindless TV and wearing this amazing robe from PinkBlush! This thing is seriously so comfy. I'm not one to really splurge on myself, especially when pregnant since you only wear maternity clothes for a specified amount of time but when I had the chance to collaborate with PinkBlush, I couldn't pass up the opportunity!

PinkBlush is a trendy online boutique that carries both maternity and non-maternity clothes that are not only cute and flattering but also affordable. I mean, clothes that actually make me feel somewhat put together during pregnancy and those awkward postpartum months? Yes, please. This mint tribal delivery and nursing robe will definitely come in handy while I recover from my c-section in the hospital and easily transition to those snuggly newborn days at home.

Justin and I may even sneak in a date night or two this week! I couldn't tell you the last time we went to a movie or a nice dinner. And, I'd love nothing more than to grab a cold {non-alcoholic} beer on a patio somewhere since the weather is supposed to be basically perfect.

I've had a slight obsession with kimonos as of late and was super excited to add this mauve colored one from PinkBlush to my closet. They have a ton to choose from if you're shopping for a kimono of your own! It's technically maternity but I think you could easily wear it after baby comes. It's a little on the bohemian side, which is not normally my style, but I love it! 

And as it turns out, I officially have one single "pose" when trying to naturally model clothing... Haha! I'm soooooo not a fashion blogger but I had fun snapping some pictures of two of my new favorite things!

Cheers to a relaxing week and the official baby countdown!


  1. Radiant! Can not wait to meet Master Baker!

  2. Cheers to the final stretch! yay!!!

    Love the kimono you picked :) I've been trying to snag pieces that will work post partum as well! Kimonos are awesome for that.

  3. You are darling! So excited for Baker's arrival!

  4. Yay! I know you're so excited to meet him! I've been praying for him and you this week!