#HomeByOakley Home Tour | Baker's Nursery

It's official - all three of my kids (Gracyn's room here and Leighton's room here!) have way cooler rooms than I do. I think the master bedroom might be my next little project. But first! Baker's sweet nursery is all ready for him!

It came together really well (inspiration can be found here!) without too much trouble. We used our existing furniture (crib, dresser, glider and ottoman) so really only needed some fresh decor and materials for the pegboard.

Most of the wall decor came from Hobby Lobby. That place is like crack to me, I swear, but the style fit with what I was going for and it's affordable so I'd make separate trips armed with whatever 40% off coupon was on the website and pick up different things here and there.

I made his name sign by spray-painting the letters navy and just gluing them onto a sign from HL. Naturally, the Be Strong & Brave sign, arrow and big letter "B" came from there, too.

My mama made the little "superhero" sign and each of the kids has their ultrasound pictures framed and hung on their wall, one profile picture and one of their little feet. My mom also painted his "i carry your heart" sign that I hung above his closet door. She's a talented lady, I tell you what.

I'm not big into poetry but we've had this poem by E.E. Cummings hanging in our master bedroom for years. I felt it was only fitting to share it with our heart warrior.

His room is at the front of the house facing East and is as bright as the surface of the sun come morning time so we for sure needed to add some good blackout curtains. These curtains from Kohl's work pretty well! I love the "gentlemen" sign above the bathroom door; we opted for this versus a "no girls allowed" plaque. Gotta teach him to be a good human from day one, ya know?! And we don't stand a chance at keeping his sisters away from him, so... ;)

I found the black shelf at Goodwill and the {free!} "oh boy" print can be found here. The iron fox and bear heads are from the HobLob. The little blue stool and stuffed panda (picked out by Gracyn) are from Ikea.

The cozy blanket and hanging mirror are from the At Home store. That place is hit or miss for me but every once in awhile they have a good weekly "flash find". The blanket was only $4.99 one day!

The pegboard materials all came from The Home Depot. We bought the precut 2 ft x 4 ft pegboard and 2 boards of reclaimed barn wood for the frame that Justin cut down and screwed/glued to the pegboard. We used these hooks and these pegboard baskets for storage. Throw up a few more accessories and we were all set! It's my favorite part of the room!

I'm still all weepy every time I look at the sign above his pegboard. It reminds me how tough this little guy is and how much he's already taught me in terms of being strong (even when I feel weak) and brave (even when I'm scared out of my mind). He is without a doubt a mighty warrior.

Each of the kiddos has a framed picture of mom & dad hanging in their room; the arrow printable can be found here and the Crown Town print is from Audrey's blog here! The metal initials are from - you guessed it! - Hobby Lobby and the itty bitty infant shoes are from Gap (similar here!) that I found at a garage sale earlier this summer. I die just looking at them!

Rounding out his space is a basket full of hand-me-down toys from the girls and some bookshelves. They're actually spice racks from Ikea that I spray painted navy. We have these in Gracyn's room too and they work perfectly for storing books and other little toys or pictures.

The girls are constantly in there playing and climbing into the crib and every time I walk by his room, I get more and more excited for him to be here. We're ready for you, sweet Baker!


  1. Perfect! I really like how you've put it all together! Now, we wait! :)

  2. Reading this and just can't believe that he is already here!!! Best thing ever.

    His room is so perfect- you did an absolutely amazing job on it. We have the IKEA spice racks too and they are SO perfect for their little board books. AND I have an almost identical basket in the girls room for their little toys and blankets and stuff too. Great minds!

    Hobby Lobby is like crack to me too- I have to forbid myself from going otherwise my money goes flying away ha!

  3. Everything is so perfect. I love it ALL. Sadly the closet HobLob is more than an hour away, tear. Confession time- Ive never decorated a nursery. Lol rooming in kinda has its ups snd downs ;)