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Would you ever skydive?! I always said I'd do it, along with bungee jumping, but if it actually came down to it, I'd probably chicken out. It'd be thrilling, sure, but probably not worth the risk in my eyes.  I have children, you know.

But - indoor skydiving!? A giant wind tunnel and snazzy gear that simulates a true free-fall, trained instructor included? Sign me up.

Well, not really, because hello 26-weeks pregnant, but when iFLY Kansas City reached out to see if we would be interested in enjoying the full indoor skydiving experience, Justin couldn't say YES fast enough.

Kids as young as 3 years old can participate but I had a feeling Gracyn would talk a big game and then back out at the last minute so Justin brought our neighbor, Drew, to take the extra spot. It was so funny to watch them get all excited as they waited and watched the instructors put on a little flight show beforehand.

The guys were spinning around, flying to the top of the tunnel and would dive back down again. It was actually pretty impressive. 

You can rent out the iFLY space for corporate events and birthday parties and they even offer outings for Boy & Girl Scouts and field trips geared toward incorporating STEM learning into the classroom.

iFLY offers fully customizable packages for your party or event including everything from catering to transportation. They had Yaya's set up for us last week when we visited and it was so so yummy. I can't even tell you how many pieces of pita bread + hummus my kids ate. They kept running back into the room to grab more by the handfuls. It was borderline embarrassing, actually. 

After smashing pita bread - and a few beers for the guys! - they took the group of flyers back into a classroom for a little pre-flight training. The girls were waiting patiently for them to return. Before long, it was time to get suited up!

Flight suit, earplugs, helmet, goggles. The whole shebang. They were so excited! Ha!

Each flyer had two flights at about a minute each. The instructor stayed with them to kind of stabilize their bodies and make sure they were holding the right position. Once they were good to go, the instructor would let go and the guys were truly "flying."

On the 2nd flight, they boys had the option to move up in the tunnel with the instructor's help and they both took advantage of that, obviously!

Justin said it felt more like floating versus falling and had a blast! I could definitely get on board with this type of set up if I weren't pregnant, too. It looked like so much fun! If the girls were a little older, it'd be a blast to try this as a family. It'd also be super fun to have a birthday party here - for adults or kids! There was a little girl flying in Justin's group, she was probably 6 or 7 years old and did so well! She loved it! It'd also be a fun date night activity, too!

iFLY has locations all over the country so click here to find the closest one to you and check it out!

Here is a video of Justin's flights, too!

iFLY Kansas City from Mackenzie Oakley on Vimeo.

Thank you, iFLY Kansas City for treating us to the ultimate flight experience!

This post is sponsored by iFLY but all opinions are my own. All flight skillz are my husband's... ;)

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  1. That does look fun ... once upon a time I may have tried that. We both know someone who would probably like it, too and he jumped out of a perfectly good airplane once! Haha!