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Random fact about me: I'm a big fan of getting the mail everyday. It borderline annoys me when we skip a few days and there ends up being a stack of bills and flyers and catalogs jammed into the mailbox. I'd much rather take a stroll across the street every day to clear that baby out. I'm basically a weirdo, I know.

I'm also a big fan of sending mail, especially birthday, Christmas and thank you cards. I'm pretty good about getting holiday cards out in the mail each year but I'll be the first to admit that my birthday-card-mailing game has fallen by the wayside since becoming a busy mama. I'll even resort to an emailed "thank you" note more often than not. Cringeworthy, right!? My own mom instilled the importance of writing the appropriate thank-you card after birthdays and holidays and things like that but now that we're surrounded by technology 24/7, it's oftentimes easier to just send a quick email or text. 

One of these days I'll get back to picking out birthday cards for all of my friends and sticking them in the mail in a timely manner. In the meantime, I'm glad services like Paperless Post exist so I'm not a total space cadet when it comes to reaching out to my loved ones on their special day.

Paperless Post allows you to create your own online stationery with the ability to include your personal style. Paperless Post has partnered with leading fashion and lifestyle designers (think kate spade new york and Oscar de la Renta!) to come up with beautiful online and paper options for all of your party invitation and greeting card needs. 

My dearest friend and cousin has a birthday next week and I may or may not have scoured the online designs to find and personalize one just for her. I prefer to send cards that are funny (and by "funny" I mean usually making fun of someone's age...) and/or pertain to consuming copious amounts of alcohol and cake - it IS a birthday, after all! - and Paperless Post did not disappoint. 

You can customize everything from the backdrop and envelope to the fonts, colors and size of your personal message to the recipient. It's easy to save your favorite designs, customize along the way and load your contact list to keep it all organized. 

There are free designs available along with the option to purchase "coins" if you want access to other designs. With coins, the savings can really add up. For example, there is an option to buy 20 coins for $6; the card I have set up to email to my cousin only cost 4 coins once it was all said and done. When one card can cost you $3.99 at the mothership (aka Target...), this is a total win in my book.

The best feature is probably the scheduler that you can utilize to set up your cards and invites to be sent on a specific date or at a certain time so there is really no excuse to missing another life event, right?!

Check them out and have fun playing around with the designs. You can truly make something all your own. You may even avoid that awkward moment when you hand someone the same birthday card you've given them 3 years in a row... I mean, not that that's happened to me or anything... ;)

This post was sponsored by Paperless Post but all opinions are my own, along with my unwavering love of sending borderline inappropriate birthday cards to my family and friends.

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  1. Will have to check it out, backup for if I ever get into a pinch!