Fri-Nally Fri-Yay

Happiest of Fridays to you! We had a pretty normal week around here, trying to stick to our routines and get the kids to bed before 10pm. The extra daylight hours and warm weather do not bode well for parents at bedtime. Gracyn said she couldn't go to sleep the other night because it was "still morning outside, guys!" We did succeed at getting them into bed by 8pm on two separate occasions this week so I'll consider that a win!


I wanted to quick say a big, giant THANK YOU to everyone who commented, texted, called, emailed and prayed regarding our sweet Baker. We are beyond lucky to have so many people lifting us up when we feel defeated and helpless.

We're still waiting for test results regarding my blood work but instead of letting my mind wander to a dark and scary place, I've been researching local groups and organizations to follow to try and learn more about Baker's condition. I have a growing list of questions to ask our doctors at the next appointment and I can physically see my belly moving back and forth as I type which definitely gives me some comfort.

He was SO active the other night. Justin was able to feel him moving for a full 20 minutes or so. This boy can kick me all day, every day if he wants.


We got quick break from all of the baby-related stress last Friday when we headed to the Garth Brooks concert. I'm so glad we went; we were able to relax a bit and enjoy a night out with some very dear friends.

I was still emotional and it didn't help that good old Garth made everyone in the building cry by honoring mothers, giving away a couple of guitars and giving his hat to a kid who had just survived cancer. But still, it was a good time.


After the kids were in bed early the other night, I snuck out to wander around the At Home store. Their flash deal this week is a 50'' x 60'' throw for $4.99! I saw it on their Instagram and went to snag one for Baker's nursery. I might need to go back and grab a few more... you can never have too many blankets floating around the house.


Excuse me, but WHAT just happened?

Not okay, guys. NOT OKAY. She was a legit BABY when she started preschool last August. Can't even believe how much she's changed in 10 short months. My heart.


We're moving the crib out of Leighton's room this afternoon! Wish us luck! She's been sleeping semi-decently so I'm sure this will disrupt things and ruin lives. BUT. We need to get her moved over to a big girl bed. We're traveling over Memorial Day weekend and my hope was that she and Gracyn could share a bed in the hotel so we'll see how this week goes. Wish us luck!

Happy weekend!