Friday, Fri-YAY

Happy Friday!


My blog game has been seriously lacking these last few weeks. I've had zero energy at the end of the day to sit down and write cohesive thoughts so instead I've spent my time watching mindless television and smashing ice cream sandwiches. #noshame

Without going into too much detail, I've also been dealing with mega stress related to my job and work-from-home situation so I've also spent a good chunk of my time dealing with that bag of fun while trying to only yell at my kids 13 times a day versus the 47 different times I feel like losing my mind. I've had a few good cry sessions which usually make me feel better and I'm really hoping to get the whole situation ironed out soon. In the meantime:


Leighton helped me sample some Water Wipes that came in the mail this week from Influenster. They're super gentle since they're made with only water and a drop of grapefruit seed extract and totally chemical free. She flew through the pack so I'd say we're definite fans!

And if you haven't signed up for Influenster yet, go here and complete your profile! It's a great way to find new products, review the ones you love and share them with friends. If you qualify for campaigns, you can get free samples sent out for testing purposes. My goal in life is to basically get free shit so you should check it out!


We're heading up to Minneapolis at the end of the month and I've started searching for fun things to do with the kids. I wanted to hit up the Children's Museum again - we haven't been since 2014 - but I just read on their website that the St. Paul location is closed for renovations so that's a no-go. We'll obviously hit up the Mall of America and force the kids onto some rides at Nickelodeon Universe. My first choice is Valley Fair but they tend to frown upon pregnant ladies riding rollercoasters so a few kiddie rides at the mall for the girls will have to suffice. ;) I'm also expecting good food, great weather, and a fun little family getaway to visit my brother who lives there.


We get another sneak peak at our growing boy on Monday to see how he's measuring up. My doctor mentioned possibly moving my due date if he's still measuring behind so we'll see.

No bump pic this week because I'm not even sure when I showered last but we're 24 weeks along (24 weeks with Leighton)! He's quite active in the afternoons and evenings, which I love. Gracyn has been dying to feel him move, too. She laid her head on my belly the other night and little brother gave her a nice, strong kick to the head. She popped up so shocked that she could actually feel him from inside my tummy. She was so happy - it was the sweetest.


Justin and I are actually going OUT next Friday night when we hit up the Garth Brooks concert. We hired a babysitter and everything. This is big, people! Ha! I'm not a diehard GB fan or anything but Justin, on the other hand, wants "The Thunder Rolls" played at his funeral so it'll be a good time for sure. There is a cute little boutique here in town that stocked up on Garth t-shirts and I miiiight need to try and squeeze into one for the show, just for fun.

Have a happy weekend!


  1. Reading that Gracyn felt the baby kick brought tears to my eyes! I can imagine the look on her face! Plus, I'm going to look for those water wipes. Sometimes having a wipe would be handy on our road trips. Get some sunshine this weekend ... a new idea may present itself. Love you!

  2. Im so sorry to hear about your stressful work situation. Everything is more irritating when pregnant and you shouldnt have to deal with that ish. Thank goodness you have a great weekend planned to relieve it!

  3. I also need that mug. And I love those garth tees!

  4. You got that right about adulting - it's such bullshit. Hope this week is better. Also, I laughed out loud at your husband's request for the Thunder Rolls to be played at his funeral. Garth puts on a great show so I know you'll have fun!