Summa, Summa, Summa Time!

It went from rainy and damp to summertime (heat wave and all) in a matter of days. I guess that's Kansas for you, though.  We packed Father's Day weekend full of summery activities and family outings. After a week of swimming lessons, Gracyn is fighting a cold and the teething monster has set up camp with our littlest gal but it was still a nice weekend.

There's an ice cream truck that drives through the neighborhood every once in a while. He's borderline creepy but since Justin and I were both outside with the girls, we figured it'd be ok to partake in his tasty treats on Friday afternoon. And it was a million degrees with 110% humidity so it was perfect timing.

The city puts on a summer concert series in the park every year and I've wanted to go check it out ever since we moved here. We finally got the chance on Friday night. It was so fun. We picked a shady spot in the grass and let Gracyn run wild for two hours while we listened to music. Highly recommend it if you're in the area.  There's a Beatles cover band playing July 17th which I think will be really fun.

I'm pretty sure I took enough pictures on Friday to last a lifetime hence no Saturday pictures (GASP!) but it consisted of sprinkler/kiddie pool time in the driveway and naps inside with the air conditioning. 

Sunday was spent celebrating Father's Day with a trip to the Royals game. We met our favorites (Brian, Lyssa, Charlotte) at the ballpark, tailgated a little before the game and watched the boys lose terribly. Luckily, because we're cheap and our seats were basically in the nosebleed section, we were covered when rain showers moved through the area. G was a trooper and Leighton {finally} fell asleep in my lap in the 7th inning for a quick nap.

We spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing at home, put the girls to bed early and J and I watched a movie. Pretty solid Sunday and overall great weekend if you ask me.

Ok, I've hit the picture-per-post limit. I best be going. Happy Monday!

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