Oh, hello...

Hello, blogging hiatus. Sorry 'bout the break in posting - I'm sure all of you were on the edge of your computer chairs slash constantly updating your mobile devices to see if I'd posted recently. #not

Anyway, it rained 27 out of the 31 days in May or something ridiculous like that and it left me clinically depressed so I've been recovering these first 10 days of June. Not really but it did rain a ton.

It's finally sunny and hot and feels like summer which we love. Gracyn's outside as often as possible and when she's inside, she's supposed to be napping...

But she's not.

Instead she's playing with the lotion in her bedroom and mixing it with hand sanitizer and rubbing it on all the things.

I found her like this today - not napping - and making quite the mess. She also informed me that she pooped. "A lot."

She was right.


  1. Busted! But what a great comeback reason for her 'mess'. Love!

  2. Ha! Reminds me of a certain big brother in our house. I swear we live outside and when we come in something like that always happens so we just keep on living out there!