Move Your Booty!

So long, baby weight! I signed up for my first fitness challenge hosted by September Farm and The Farmers Wife! I figured this one was doable and a way to actually motivate myself to be active when I can throughout the day and in the evenings. And, anyone who participates has the chance to win some moolah. The goals are simple - 10,000 steps a day, 5 days a week in the month of July. Sounds easy enough, right?

I picked up a simple pedometer, paid my $1 entry fee (I'm fully expecting to win the pot of money, by the way...) and I'm ready to lace up my new tennies that I found on clearance at Target. I'm looking into getting a fitbit but can't decide which one I want. The challenge starts July 1st and I didn't want to purchase something on a whim so my cheap-o pedometer will have to work this time around. If I can actually stay on track, I might be able to justify spending the cash on a legit activity tracker of some sort. And I should probably start drinking water and stop eating oreos at night if I'm being serious about this.

But I love oreos, so that one will be tough...

Anyone who wants to join in the challenge can do so by filling out this form and paying the one buck. Happy moving!

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