WPT Block Party + 17 Weeks

We had our annual block party last night. I love our block party. Seriously. West Prairie Terrace is a pretty sweet place to live. The neighbors come out for food, drinks, water balloons and the annual cornhole tournament.

The tournament is very competitive and the winning team gets a trophy and everything to keep until next summer. Justin and my brother won last year but we weren't so lucky this year. The tourney is double elimination and Justin and I quickly lost the first game. I blame it on being distracted by Gracyn wanting to play with the big kids and run through the "bicycle carwash" that was set up. We rallied, though, and came back to win the next 2 games only to lose in the semi-finals. It was 10pm and Gracyn was fading fast so it was best that we called it a night.

Well, G and I called it a night; Justin stayed for the after-hours tournament (yes, that's a thing and it's equally as important as the main tournament...) with the rest of the guys in the 'hood.

From the watermelon stains on this girl's face, I'd say the block party was a success...

And, we're at 17 weeks with baby numero dos. I'm pretty sure I felt a few kicks yesterday afternoon so I'm hoping those continue and become more pronounced. It really is the best feeling.
Boy or Girl? We find out on Friday!

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  1. Super cute photos of Gracyn @ the block party! Looks like another good turnout and sounds like a good time! Pretty excited about Friday ... you're looking fantastic! XXOO