Weekend Rewind

Big weekend in the Oakley household. Lots of activities and a few restless nights of sleep for one little monster but nonetheless a great weekend!

The festivities started on Thursday morning when my brother and his wife welcomed baby Jack Patrick Leo and he is as cute as can be:

Baby boy joy.
So tiny.
Photobombed by dad.
Uncle Ty-Ty
Our daycare was closed Thursday and Friday so Gracyn got to spend the days with Grandma and Papa and cousin Isla. She played and played and played and had a grand ol' time. Ty got into town Thursday afternoon to help babysit the little girls. They proceeded to take this picture together:

Photography by Grandma.
which is probably the best picture ever of Gracyn and I'm in love with it and I'm pretty sure she should be a baby model. Seriously. She's a beaut. Ty doesn't look so bad himself.

Friday night got wild and we went to bed at, like, 10:30 PM. This is standard now-a-days especially since G has decided to revert back to newborn-hood and wake up a zillion times a night.

Saturday was FINALLY the day that Gracyn laughed an actual belly laugh and it was music to my ears. The best. sound. ever.  Justin was making animal noises (horse and elephant to be exact) and Isla thought it was the funniest shiz she's ever seen. Gracyn apparently did too and joined in on the fun. I will post a video later. It was awesome.

Saturday night was the 5th Annual West Prairie Terrace Block Party which sounds lame but is actually pretty sweet. Our neighbors rock and the 'hood puts on a block party every year. It started the first year we moved in and has been going strong ever since. We meet the neighbs, eat some good food, and compete in a Cornhole Tournament. There was even an impromptu hoola-hoop contest:

Hoop it up.
Justin and Tyler paired up for Cornhole and actually won the whole damn thing, trophy and all. Neighborhood rules state that we must display the trophy on our mantel until next summer. Who are we to mess with the rules so on the mantel it sits. Told you the block partay was sweet...

On Sunday we went to Luke and Jessica's to welcome baby Jack home. The little guy will have to get used to the girls being all up in his business:

Isla and TWO babies!
Between Gracyn wanting to poke his eye out and Isla wanting to constantly shove the pacifier in his mouth, he'll need to adjust to life outside the womb real quick.

Sunday night was spent doing laundry and going upstairs to soothe Gracyn to sleep. I think it only took 4 times and an hour and 15 minutes to actually get her to sleep. Luckily she only woke up a couple of times after that.

Pretty jam packed weekend for our little fam. We head to Sioux Falls later this week for Christie's wedding. So pumped to see old friends and introduce G to some new peeps!

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