Reasons to Start a Blog...

#1: I'm getting married!

This was my original plan. Start a blog so I could document all of the deets of our big day and then journal about our joyous first moments as husband and wife and all the shenanigans that come along with being newlyweds!
Husband and Wife, bitches!
I got as far picking out a name for the blog (which was awesome, by the way) and spent the rest of my time "designing" what the blog would look like. So many templates! So many backgrounds! No actual posts. Fail.

#2: I got laid off!

Ah, the perfect time to start a blog- so much free time! I could write about my job-search and how I spent my time at home "playing house"- cleaning, laundry and making dinner for my loving husband, which ended up being hot dogs most nights because cooking is not my thang. Wife of the year.

I went back to the original blog I "started", played around with the design some more, actually sat down at the computer to type something and then my phone rang...I was offered a job. No longer unemployed. Not so much free time. Fail times 2.

#3: We're having a baby!

Well, duh! NOW I can start the blog! An online journal for my unborn bebe, week by week pictures and updates as I go through this amazing journey and miracle of growing a life inside my person! Well, 9 months FLIES by and yep, you guessed blog posts. Which is probably for the best- I didn't feel all that cute during my pregnancy and while the growing-a-human part is pretty amazing, the actual raising-a-tiny-human part is wayyyyy better...

40 Weeks. Large and in charge.
I did, however, start a journal (actual paper with handwritten entries and everything, folks!) for my babe. I wrote every so often throughout my pregnancy and continue to do so for her. I didn't get a blog started but I did start a journal and I'm proud of myself for that! Go me.

#4: It's Thursday!

I was driving home one night after work started thinking to myself, "Gee I should really just start that damn blog so I can stop thinking about it and just DO IT already!!!!"

So here I am. I started a blog. I joined the club. Everyone's doing it...I can do it too! Why? Why not!

Nobody will read it, I'm certain, but that's OK. My goal was to start one and after 2+ years I'm actually doing it. Better late than never, right? It only took me this long to write an actual post.  Keeping up with the blog may be another story...stay tuned. Or don't. Whatev.


  1. I stumbled upon your blog via 5 Faves. I too am a newbie blogger after several failed attempts. Just wanted you know you have a least one rando reader :)

    1. Thanks, Jennifer! Us newbies have to stick together ;). I checked out your blog too - your girls are gorgeous!