Bumpdate :: 18 Weeks + 19 Weeks

Delayed bump posts comin' atcha. Life got a little busy and I never got around to posting week 18, which I'm sure you all missed greatly. Not. But for the sake of documenting the shiz out of this pregnancy, here it is...

Gracyn was only wearing her pajama top and I look like a hot mess but Baby Girl was showing off her stuff since my belly is about ready to knock Gracyn off the chair.

Week 19 is here and we're almost half way done, which is crazy. We're not even close to figuring out what we're going to name this sweet girl. I know we have some time to think it through but I'm hoping a name magically comes to me sometime soon. Otherwise she will go through life being called "Girl" or "Baby" or maybe even "Baby Girl" Oakley.

The pic of Gracyn trying to grab my boob was the best one we got. She was in rare form. On second thought, the picture below of her full-on trying to take my shirt off would have been better. She's at least looking at the camera...


  1. Mackenzie, you seem to be glowing! Seriously, you look radiant and that little one next to you? Adorable!<3

  2. <3--"Baby Girl" will be here before we know it. Can't, wait!!! Muah!