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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Party Time

Prepare for a photo dump. 

I took hundreds of photos on Saturday and couldn't decide which ones I liked best so I posted all of them.


Pink and gold glittery goodness took over the house.  Between the "happy birthday" banner and gazillion cupcakes and cake pops, we were in girly birthday heaven.
The guest of honor woke up from her nap ready to party…
Birthday Girl was spoiled to the max. She has so many people that love her so well…
And after presents, she attacked a smash cake in the shape of a "1"...
And by "attack" I mean cheese out for everyone staring at her and attempt to lift the plate to show everyone just how pretty it really was…
All in all, the party was a success. It wasn't anything major but it was a sweet afternoon surrounded by some of our favorite people. It was so fun to have our little group of family and friends over to help us celebrate our girl.

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