Monthly Photo Roundup

We made it. All 12 months and we managed to get pictures every time. Success!

Gracyn was a trooper and the last few months I had to call in reinforcements in the form of Daddy to help me get her attention, coax a smile or keep her still for half a second. It's so cool to look at these pictures and compare her from month to month.

I never would have guessed my dark-haired little babe would turn into a blondie! And some days she looks like a red-head. So crazy.
And thanks to my cuzzy Elizabeth for giving Gracyn the cutest little blanket that served as a backdrop!

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  1. This turned out awesome! She started off looking just like you and now looks a heck of a lot like her daddy! I hope the blanket now can just be used for snuggles and love. So glad you enjoyed it so much - and loved "looking" for it every month in her new photos!!