Gracyn :: One Year

Miss Gracyn, today you are ONE.

Excuse me as I wipe my tears and reminisce about the year gone by. My baby - my sweet, precious little girl is ONE year old. She's not even a baby anymore. We've graduated into toddler-hood and that shit is bananas. A whole new ball game, folks.

I gotta say, this first year of parenthood has been pretty f'ing awesome. It helps that we lucked out and had one of the best babies in the whole wide world. I might be biased but she really is pretty wonderful. Obviously we had challenging times, sleepless nights and days where we had no clue as to what we were doing but overall I feel like we had a pretty good handle on things around here! Everyone's still alive and thriving so I'd say the first year was a success!

Gracyn Girl, your daddy and I love you more than words. I'm sitting here at the computer trying to type a cohesive thought but my mind is running 439 different directions going over everything that makes you wonderfully you.

The way you light up when your daddy walks into the room kills me every time. Your cheesy grin goes from ear to ear and you let out a high-pitched "Hi!"

When we ask for a hug and you come running over with your arms stretched out? Pretty much the best thing ever.

We have the best "conversations" as we get ready in the mornings and in the bathtub at night. You will babble the whole way home from daycare as you tell me about your day. Mama loves those "talks" and I'll have to remember those days when you're a teenager and don't think mom and dad are cool anymore…

You eat your bodyweight at each meal and you will try pretty much anything we give you.

You will find your baby doll and hold her up by your face and pat her back. You are a little mama already and it melts my heart. You are so gentle when you see other babies. We went to the park this last weekend and you walked right up to another kid, said "hi" and waved.

You get excited every time Rufus comes in from outside and even though that damn dog is an asshole 99% of the time, I have to admit that he's really great with you. He doesn't love when you touch his ears or feet so we have to work on that but for the most part, he's gentle.

It was so fun to watch you grow this year. To be able to physically watch you learn a new skill and develop day to day is mind-blowing. You are the best and we are so lucky to be your mama and daddy.
Oh yeah, did I mention you're beautiful? 'Cuz you are...
Happy 1st Birthday, baby. We love you so, so, so much.

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