{First} Birthday Party Planning

Gracyn's first birthday is rapidly approaching and I still have my Christmas tree up which means I have some serious un-decking of the halls to do in order to get ready for her first birthday bash! This is the first weekend since Christmas where we'll be home so my plan is to get the house back in order, organize some party deets, be crafty and ask myself over and over again, "WHERE the hell did this year go!?!?! HOW is my baby already ONE YEAR OLD!?!?" along with other cliche mom-isms.

The invites have been sent - it'll be a small party with local family and friends and G's grandparents are planning on coming in to town too. The color scheme has been chosen - pink and gold - and I have been pinning cute ideas on good ol' Pinterest. I want it to be a sweet and simple day celebrating our girl.

{ONE :: Outfit}

A girl's gotta look good when she's going to a party, am I right? I would LOVE to buy her a fancy new outfit from one of the hundreds of awesome Etsy shops out there but this mama's on a budget and I'll probably mix and match from stuff we already have. I do want to make a "ONE" onesie so I'm going to hit up the craft stores this weekend to see if I can find some gold iron-on letters to put on either a white or pink long sleeve onesie that she already has in her drawers.
The far-left and far-right pics are my inspiration via Pinterest. The center pic is from her 6-month photo shoot and I'm going to see if I can cram her back into that precious skirt to go with her ensemble. We shall see.

{TWO :: Food}

Yummy cupcakes, cake pops, chex mix, fruit and other goodies are on the menu so far. The party is at 4pm so I'm debating whether or not I need to make a "main dish" to serve as a dinner. If I do, it'll probably be a soup or chili or something that will be easy to feed a medium-sized group of party-goers.
I've never made cake pops before and I'm not known to be Betty Crocker but I'm going to attempt to make some pink and gold treats.

{THREE :: Drinks}

Punch, soda, beer, wine, and champagne. Alcohol at a one-year-old's birthday party? Yes. Absolutely.

{FOUR :: Smash Cake}

I'm really wanting her smash cake to be in the shape of a ONE. I'll probably eff it up royally but my goal is something like this:
…in hopes that SHE ends up looking something like this when it's all said and done:

Seriously, babies covered in cake? Doesn't get much better than that.

{FIVE :: Decorations}

Pink and Gold. Sweet and girly. Simple.

Things like this always seem to look better on paper Pinterest but I think I can pull it off to a degree. Either way, Gracyn will have a wonderful first birthday surrounded by people that love her to the moon and back. Can't wait!

*This is where we cue me getting all teary-eyed reminiscing about the year gone by, looking through old photos and getting ready to parent a toddler!

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  1. Planning the 1st birthday party is so much fun! I am loving all your ideas!

    1. Thanks, Laura! I get carried away pinning ideas - now I just have to actually put something together! :)

  2. oh, how fun! I am planning a little first birthday party for my little guy too! There are so many things I want to do, but who knows what I'll end up doing and how will will all turn out :)

    1. Hannah, I know, I feel the same way! So many good ideas, so little time! looks like our littles are only a few days apart - have fun planning!

  3. we did one this week! very small. just cupcakes but I even made the frosting so I feel like I tried!
    Marie @
    In Our Happy Place

    1. Homemade frosting!?! Good job, mama! I'm sure it was just perfect!

  4. It will all come together and be adorable - if only for your efforts but I have more faith in you than you do. I mean, look at her monthly shots that are all super cute! I wish we were closer so we could help celebrate but we send our love to G!!! Can't believe she is one!!!

    1. Thanks for believing in me! Haha! I'll send you pics ;)

  5. Stopping in from the link up.

    I love all of these ideas. I'm working on planning my little girl's first birthday. There are so many good ideas out there. It's hard to pick which ones! We're doing winter one-derland!


    1. Thanks for stopping by! Winter one-derland is a great theme! Have fun planning! I'm sure it'll turn out great!