Gracyn's first Turkey Day was spent in Tulsa visiting Justin's side of the family. It's always fun to head down south to visit  his mom, siblings and all of our nieces and nephews that we don't get to see all too often. Gracyn's cousin Ruger is 6 weeks older than she is - it was so fun to see them babble back and forth and interact. Ruger's not quite walking yet and a couple of times G got a little too excited and would fall on top of him. She even sat on him one time. You know I got that on video. I 'grammed it, don't worry.

Between the 11 grandkids on that side, things can get a little CrAzY and of course we didn't get any good pictures. I totally failed and didn't even use my nice camera. Nor did I get a family picture on Thanksgiving day. Bummer. And I think I need a serious iPhone upgrade…the camera on my phone is so lame.

Without getting too sentimental and mushy on you, I really do need to take a moment and reflect on just how thankful I am this year. I mean, I'm thankful every year (every day, really) but this year takes the cake. I have a rock-star husband and one awesome baby girl. We are all healthy and happy. Life is pretty darn good and I couldn't really ask for anything else.

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